Healthcare Stocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the fact that healthcare is a necessity, investing in healthcare stocks can be rewarding. However, to make good returns from these stocks, an investor should have sound knowledge about the sector and should be aware of the latest trends in the sector.

The standard checklist that one would run to find a good stock, holds true for screening healthcare stocks too. However, there are few aspects that are important to be considered for healthcare stocks. Well established pharmaceutical stocks with a good history of drug discovery and effective treatments typically have some sort of moat around them, thanks to their scale and financial wherewithal. However, new, and small companies with unique innovations or a strong product pipeline are also worth investigating, as they have a longer runway. Healthcare companies are able to pass on inflation-led input cost pressure, since people usually do not cut back on their healthcare expenses even during an inflationary environment. Companies that are able to maintain good profit margin are seen commanding valuation premiums in the market. Investors can also look for healthcare companies with strong patent portfolio, as patents can provide good price and competition protection for longer periods. Finally, before finalising any share, some of the fundamentals such as return on equity, revenue growth, net margin growth, management capabilities in terms of capital allocation, dividend pay-out should be considered.

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