Eye on innovation, EarlyBirds helping businesses foster a spirit of experimentation

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Eye on innovation, EarlyBirds helping businesses foster a spirit of experimentation

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 Eye on innovation, EarlyBirds helping businesses foster a spirit of experimentation
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  • One of the most crucial aspects of innovation is experimentation as it enables learning new things and developing innovative solutions.
  • EarlyBirds believes that organisations and employees who frequently experiment are likely to embrace innovation easily.
  • Since experimentation is vital, it must be a continuous process and should not have an end date or time.

Experimentation or trying new things is a critical part of innovation as people require regular feedback in order to learn. An organisation where people are not allowed to experiment, does not present a fertile ground for learning, due to lack of feedback.

Experimentation is important to maintain the feedback mechanism, which can further help people to get over their old habits. Often, people are wary of trying the untried and untested methods and get stuck in old habits and patterns as they are more aware and comfortable with them. This is contrary to the concept of innovation as it doesn’t require wading into uncharted waters.

What’s EarlyBirds’ take on experimentation?

EarlyBirds can help businesses with experimentation, which is a key element of innovation. EarlyBirds offers a conducive environment for vital individuals to learn innovative solutions, which are worth trying and experimenting on until they arrive at suitable innovative solutions to adopt.

You can get more insights on the ways to enhance your technology adoption by signing up as an early adopter at EarlyBirds.  https://earlybirds.io/en/early_adopter.

EarlyBirds believes that organisations and their employees are likely to embrace innovation easily if there is frequent experimentation, which in turn offers frequent feedback through trial and error. This is because such people keep themselves busy with something new and don’t rely on familiar methods.

EarlyBirds innovation advancement

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Moreover, the feedback enables them to become familiar with these innovative methods. Therefore, experimentation can act as a vehicle driving people to engage more and more with new things. Witnessing the benefits of such innovations and hands-on experience with such methods can further whet people’s appetite for innovation

Experimenting is a continuous process

EarlyBirds believes that businesses need to match the pace of changes in today’s business environment in order to fast-track business transformation. This means that businesses need to experiment to find innovative ways to enable improvement across the organisation.

This process must be undertaken as a continuously ongoing task and not simply a project that will end at a certain point.

EarlyBirds innovation advancement

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Therefore, EarlyBirds believes that it is important for organisations to allow their key people exposure to innovators and their innovative products and services in order to thrive in the current environment that is highly uncertain and dynamic.

EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem

EarlyBirds has developed an open innovation ecosystem where start-ups, scaleups and mature companies (those which have either developed or are developing innovative solutions), can participate and get to engage with potential customers. They can also work alongside early adopters and SMEs to develop technological solutions that benefit everyone.

The EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem encompasses an award-winning platform with more than 4 million innovators and two enabling programs.

EarlyBirds innovation advancement

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These programs include the Explorer program, which can help in expediting the technological innovation process across the organisation as a service. The key features of this program include the following:

  • Regular webinars to help stimulate innovation in the organisation
  • Quarterly and monthly innovation days
  • Nominated SME for the business
  • Platform enterprise license
  • Focus on specific types of innovation

The Challenger program is another feature of EarlyBirds, which is for organisations that are looking to focus on a specific problem or challenge at a time.

Besides this, EarlyBirds also provides the Edzlity framework for organisations, which can be used to support consistent enhancement efforts with the goal of improving their competitive edge and organisational agility.

You can visit the EarlyBirds website to learn more about the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem and the way they can help organisations in innovation experimentation. 


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