Virginia Adopts Law to Fight Plastic Pollution

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Virginia Adopts Law to Fight Plastic Pollution

Environmentalists have lauded the south-eastern US state Virginia’s new law//is there a NAME for the new law? as a noble endeavour to reduce plastic trash that causes irreparable harm to the Earth’s fragile ecosystem. The law gives more power and resources to the local governments, environmental groups, and businesses to help fight the menace.

Governor Ralph Northam signed House Bill 2159 into law in March after Democratic legislator Nancy Guy introduced it in the House. As per the law, anyone above the age of 16 who intentionally litters non-biodegradable balloons outdoors will be fined US$25. The law also prohibits the release of 50 non-biodegradable balloons or more within an hour. Mr Deppe coordinates with the Virginia Coastal Alliance, which comprises 17 organizations from Virginia, to reduce single-use plastic and pollution from off-shore drilling sites.

Another significant legislation passed by the House this year is the ban on polystyrene packaging by restaurant chains, mainly used for takeout. It will come into effect state-wide from 2025. Restaurant owners who participate in the program are listed on the foundation’s websites. They also get promotional materials, such as window stickers and brochures, to educate the masses. Members also get tax benefits from donations to the cause. Its overall mission is to protect the world’s oceans and beaches.


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