Amplitude (AMPL), DatChat (DATS) stocks trend as markets rebound

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Amplitude (AMPL), DatChat (DATS) stocks trend as markets rebound

 Amplitude (AMPL), DatChat (DATS) stocks trend as markets rebound
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  • Amplitude, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMPL) provides digital optimization to connect digital products to business outcomes. DatChat, Inc. provides a free messaging application.  
  • Amplitude started trading on NASDAQ on Sep 28 after direct listing. The stock opened at US$50.00 and closed at US$54.80 with a 56.57 percent gain on the first day. 
  • DatChat, Inc. (NASDAQ: DATS) started trading on Aug 13, 2022. It rose 327% since its launch.

Amplitude, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMPL) stock was down 3.83%, and DatChat, Inc. (NASDAQ: DATS) stock fell 2.46% in pre-market trading on Wednesday. However, both the stocks were in investors’ focus in intraday trading.

Amplitude, Inc. was priced at US$52.70, while DatChat, Inc. traded at US$14.25 at 8:42 am ET.

Amplitude, Inc.  

AMPL started trading on the NASDAQ exchange on Sep 28 after a direct listing. The stock opened at US$50.00 and closed at US$54.80, with a 56.57 percent gain. 

The company provides digital optimization, a new software category that serves as the command center to connect digital products to business outcomes.

Digital products are now becoming a part of life in one way or another. As a result, digital companies are investing in product innovation to give an edge to their products.

AMPL was founded in 2012. The stock was listed on NASDAQ Capital Market on Sep 28. On the first day of trading, the stock touched a high of US$54.90. The share volume was 11,534,515.

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Its trailing-twelve-month revenue was US$129 million as of June 30, 2021. The company incurred a net loss of US$(24.00) million for the trailing twelve months as of June 30, 2021.

The company had 1,280 paying customers globally, including 26 Fortune 100 companies, and 119% dollar-based net retention across paying customers as of June 30, 2021.

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Technology stocks: Amplitude (AMPL), DatChat Inc (DATS) stocks slide.

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DatChat, Inc.  

The DATS stock was also trending on Wednesday, but its price slipped into the red. 

The communication software company is focused on mobile messaging applications to provide users privacy and control features for messaging. DatChat is a free messaging application.

The New Brunswick, New Jersey-based company has a market cap of US$237.86 million. 

Its 52-week highest and lowest stock prices were US$14.64 and US$3.31, respectively. 

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For the three months ended June 30, 2021, DatChat earned no revenue, and the net loss was US$645.8 thousand compared to a net loss of US$205.5 thousand for the same period a year ago.

On Sep 22, the company announced to give a US$1 million managed services contract to IZEA Worldwide, Inc. to execute a celebrity influencer online dating campaign for the company.

The stock has gained around 70 percent since Sep 22, but it moved into the red zone on Wednesday. On Sep 28, the stock closed at US$14.61, with a 26.71 percent gain. The share volume was 28,911,390.

DatChat was founded in 2014 and got listed on NASDAQ in August 2021. The stock started trading on Aug 13, 2021. It rose 327% since its launch.

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The NASDAQ 100 technology sector index gave a 15.34% return YTD. The newly listed tech companies are seeing strong business. Digital is the buzzword today. This digital drive is expected to remain central to all future activities. However, investors should choose the stocks after due consideration to company fundamentals. 


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