Back with a bang! Nio, Xpeng & Li stocks ride high on July delivery


  • NIO Inc’s (NYSE: NIO) cumulative delivery of vehicles reached 125,528 as of July 31, 2021. The stock gave a 229% return in one year.
  • XPeng Inc’s (NYSE: XPEV) P7 model got a 5-star safety rating for EVs in China. Its stock gave a 98% return since August 31, 2020.
  • Li Auto Inc’s (NASDAQ: LI) cumulative delivery of Li ONE vehicles reached 72,340 as of July 31. The stock rose 104% in one year.

US-listed Chinese stocks saw large selloffs following the regulatory crackdown on several big technology companies in China in July. The Chinese stocks across the segments saw a decline in the aftermath as investors grew worried over the fate of their investments.

Following its crackdown on several US-listed companies, Chinese regulators had opened a cybersecurity investigation into the ride-hailing company DiDi Global shortly after it launched its IPO in the US in late June. Besides DiDi, several other companies were also being investigated.

However, on Tuesday, Chinese auto stocks NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto bounced back after several consecutive days of vacillating back and forth.


Its stock was up 1.39% to US$45.30 in the pre-market session at 8:52 am ET. With a market cap of US$73 billion, this premium electric vehicle maker’s average share volume is 121,148,971.

NIO will release its second-quarter results on August 11. 

NIO delivered 7,931 vehicles in July 2021, a 124.5% growth YoY. It produced 1,702 ES8 SUVs (six-seater or seven-seater flagship premium smart electric SUV), 3,669 ES6 SUVs (five-seater high-performance premium electric SUV), and 2,560 EC6 SUVs (five-seater premium SUV). 

The cumulative delivery of these three vehicles reached 125,528 as of July 31, 2021. It closed at US$44.68 on July 30, and it gave a 229% return in one year.

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Source: Pixabay

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XPeng Inc. (NYSE: XPEV) was trading at US$42.5201, up 4.91% at 9:08 am ET. Its share volume was 21,732,530 on July 30, and it has a market capitalization of US34.5 billion.

On August 1, the company had declared its vehicle delivery details for July, which reached 8,040 units, a 228% increase YoY. It included 6,054 P7s (Sports smart sedan) and 1,986 G3s (smart, compact SUV).  

The China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP), a car safety assessment program, has given the P7 model a 5-star safety rating among electric vehicles in the country.

XPeng also has launched its mid-phase facelift version of the G3 SUV, G3i, in July this year, with expected delivery in September. In addition. it has plans to launch P5 (family-friendly smart sedan) in the third quarter and start delivery in the fourth quarter this year. 

The stock gave a 98% return since August 31, 2020.

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Li Auto Inc. (NASDAQ: LI) was trading at US$34.80, up 4.22% at 9:10 am ET. Its market cap is US$30 billion. Its share volume was 27,405,112 in the previous trading session.

Li Auto stock closed at US$33.39 on July 30. In July, the company delivered 8,589 Li ONEs, an increase of 251.3% YoY. The cumulative delivery of Li ONE reached 72,340 as of July 31. LI had 109 retail stores in 67 cities and 176 servicing centers.

The stock rose 104% in one year.

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