Will UK'S Project Gigabit Ensure Connectivity To Remote Homes and Businesses ?

With the present nature of applications, devices and upcoming technological advancements, internet connectivity will continue to play an essential role in the livelihoods of people, as well as all the age-old to emerging businesses, even if they do not operate via online channels. Scaling up the broadband infrastructure, the funding will assist the growth of broadband connections in various jurisdictions, including Cambridgeshire, Durham, Essex, Tess Valley, Cornwall, Dorset, Northumberland, and South Tyneside etc.With the present regime of recommended work from home, the people living in rural and remote locations will be able to work more flexibly. In the first half of 2022, the contracts for these areas are expected to go to tender.

The government will be relaunching the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, under which the people and small-scale enterprises belonging to rural areas will get immediate financial support to get gigabit speeds. Furthermore, a sum close to £110 million has been set aside to upgrade public sector buildings, including the GP surgeries, schools, libraries that are located in the hardest to reach parts of the UK.