Insights on Two FTSE Stocks – Wincanton Plc and Carclo Plc

  • Nov 14, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
Insights on Two FTSE Stocks – Wincanton Plc and Carclo Plc

Wincanton Plc

Wincanton Plc (WIN) is a Chippenham, the United Kingdom based Industrial Transportation company that is involved in providing supply chain solutions. The company mainly operates through three business segments, which are Transport Solutions, Warehousing solutions and Expert Advisory services. In the transport solutions business, the company engages in the provision of various propositions such as Road transport services, where the company provides full supply chain distribution transport network, as well as urban conveyance organised for high boulevards and home conveyance, general haulage, palletised transport arrangements, alongside devoted bespoke or authority transport necessities, delivering and cargo sending services around the world.  In the containers division, the company provides rail transport, Inbound Management, Account management, reloading and specialist equipment services to address the issues of universal compartment shipping lines, cargo sending organisations and load proprietors. In the specialist transport division of the Transport Solutions business, the company provides the United Kingdom's just national shared-client system of mechanical offload vehicles, and a scope of other pro hardware including hiabs, moffetts, powder tanks, bespoke pipe trailers and twofold deck trailers, and work with their clients to drive operational upgrades over their store network.

Through the Warehouse solutions business, the company provides various services, which include through which the company provides Access to consciously situated stockroom space over the UK in a practical manner when it is required. The customers are enabled to have the availability of secure space for short or long haul residency now or at a particular time required later on. The customers can also get a live perspective on the accessible space to address their issues via looking on explicit fundamental criteria, for encompassing, chilled racking, and so on. Through the company’s fulfilment business, the company engages in the provision of Extraordinary transporter management solutions by working with all driving transporter suppliers to give the improved answer for the customer’s business needs. The company’s products are used across various markets such as Home and “Do it yourself (DIY), General Merchandise, Grocery, Construction, Defence, Energy, Consumer goods, Food and Drink, Milk as well as Water processing spaces.

WIN Financial Performance

On 13th November 2019, the company reported the results for the six months period ended on 30th September 2019. The company reported the revenue at a year on year increase of around 1.90 per cent (vs IAS 17) to £592.9 million in H1 2019 as compared to £581.8 million in H1 2018. The company also reported a year on year growth in the underlying EBITDA from £33.0 million in H1 2018 to £50.9 million in H1 2019. The company highlighted growth in underlying profit before tax from £27.0 million in H1 2018 to £30.3 million in H1 2019. The company declared an interim dividend of GBX 3.9 per share in H1 2019, as compared to an interim dividend announced in H1 2018 at 3.6 per share.

H1 2019 H1 2019 H1 2018 Change
IFRS 16 IAS 17 IAS 17 vs IAS 17
Revenue (£m) 592.9 592.9 581.8 1.90%
Underlying EBITDA (£m) 50.9 34.4 33.0 4.20%
Underlying operating profit (£m) 30.3 28.5 27.0 5.60%
Underlying profit before tax (£m) 26.2 26.3 24.1 9.10%
Underlying EPS (p) 17.8 17.8 16.2 9.90%
Dividend per share - interim (p) 3.9 3.9 3.6 8.30%
Net debt excluding lease liabilities (£m) -14.8 -14.8 -24.2
Statutory results
Operating profit (£m) 32.6 33.0
Profit before tax (£m) 28.5 30.1
Basic EPS (p) 19.7 21.3

Source: Company Website

WIN Stock Price Performance

Source: Thomson Reuters

On 13th November 2019, at 02:22 P.M GMT, at the time of writing, Wincanton Plc’s stock price was trading at GBX 258.9 per stock, an increase of 5.67 per cent or GBX 13.90 as compared to the previous day’s closing price, which has been reported  at GBX 245.00 per stock. At the time of writing, the Wincanton Plc stock price has been reported to be trading 23.28 per cent above the 52-week low stock price, which was at GBX 210.00 per stock, set on August 06, 2019. This was also 5.85 per cent below the 52-week high price at GBX 275.00 per stock, which the company’s stock set on June 14, 2019. The reported Market Capitalisation of Wincanton Plc was at GBP 305.13 million.

The average volume of trading per day, for the last one year in the market, was 29,940 stocks. The stock has reportedly shown an upward change of 12.32 per cent in value in the last one year, from the price of GBX 230.50 per stock. There has been a downward change in the last six months in the value of Wincanton Plc’s stock of around 0.42 per cent from the stock price of GBX 260.00 per stock. Wincanton Plc’s stock has also reportedly lost 11.11 per cent in value in the last one month from the price of GBX 233.00 per stock.

The beta of the Wincanton Plc’s stock has been reported to be at 0.54. This means that the company’s stock price movement is less volatile in its trend, as compared to the benchmark market index’s movement.


Carclo Plc

Carclo Plc (CAR) is an Ossett, the United Kingdom based chemical technology company that is involved in the business of the provision of fine tolerance, injection moulded plastic parts, majorly for clinical and other healthcare medicinal products. The company has three major business divisions, namely the Carlo Technical Plastics division, which is the company’s specialised plastics business that makes fine resilience shaped plastic segments which are utilized in medicinal and gadgets items.  This business works universally in a quickly developing and dynamic market supported by innovative improvement. Specialized plastics exceeds expectations in the plan, obtainment and activity of driving edge robotization and vision investigation frameworks. The company also has a LED Technology which it operates through two major brands called WIPAC and Carlo Optics.

WIPAC business structures and fabricates outside lights for top of the run extravagant supercars. These are, for the most part, dependent on high-control LED innovation in which Carclo is a world frontrunner in the stock of optics. The organisation works from a 'world class' plan and assembling office situated in the UK with every key procedure coordinated, which can convey testing structures in LED innovation. The Carlo Optics brand flaunts unparalleled mastery in LED optical structure, improvement and production. The company’s in-house committed group gives imaginative master structure arrangements, while its devoted worldwide assembling destinations guarantee that it has a nearby closeness on a worldwide scale. The third major business division of the company is the Aerospace business that is basically operated out of two brands, namely Bruntons Aero Products and Jacottet, which basically manufacture expert parts for the aerospace products. These incorporate control links, master machined parts, aerofoil blading, streamline wires and tie poles. All of these company’s products are used across various industries such as the likes of Medical and Healthcare, Electronics and Consumer Goods, Optics, Luxury and Super Car markets as well as control cables for aerospace.

CAR Financial Performance

On 1st November 2019, the company announced its final results for the year ended 31st March 2019. The company reported that the previous year was a very difficult period for the organisation, with a major decline in the profits of the LED Technologies segment which could not be compensated for by better performances in Technical Plastics division as well as Aerospace division. The company reported that the revenue declined by 1.0 per cent to £144.9 million during the period as compared to the revenues reported in 2018 at £146.2 million. The company also highlighted that the Proforma unaudited adjusted profit before tax declined by £2.7 million to £6.4 million during the reporting period.

Year ended Year ended
31-Mar 31-Mar
2019 2018
  £000 £000
Revenue 1,44,851 1,46,214
Proforma* unaudited adjusted operating profit 8,419 10,811
Proforma* unaudited adjusted profit before tax 6,358 9,071
Proforma* unaudited adjusted earnings per share 7.0p 9.8p
Underlying operating profit 1,315 10,811
Underlying** (loss)/profit before tax -746 9,071
Underlying** (loss)/earnings per share (2.7p) 9.8p
Statutory operating (loss)/profit -12,593 9,907
(Loss)/profit before tax -14,654 8,167
Basic (loss)/earnings per share (25.4p) 11.6p
Proforma unaudited adjustment 7,104 -
Exceptional items 13,908 904
Net debt 38,481 31,476
IAS 19 retirement benefit liability 49,121 29,798

Source: Company Website

CAR Stock Price Performance

On 1st August 2019, at 07:30 A.M GMT, Carclo Plc’s stock, was suspended from trading. This came after company made a press release on 30th July 2019 to announce a delay in publishing its 2019 Financial results for the year ended 31st March 2019. Post the announcement, the company requested the suspension of its stock from trading on the London Stock Exchange. The company’s last reported trading price on 1st August 2019 was GBX 10.70 per share. The company has since posted its final results on 1st November 2019 as well as published its Annual report on 13th November 2019 and hence its stock is expected to be back for trading soon.

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