PPHE Hotel Group

  • Dec 16, 2019 GMT
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PPHE Hotel Group
PPHE Hotel Group

An overview:

 is a multinational hospitality real estate company with a strong portfolio of 1.7 billion pounds (estimated as of first half of 2019) of largely freehold and long leasehold properties in Europe. The guiding principle of PPHE Hotel Group is to achieve competitive investment profits and long-term capital growth. It controls, co-owns, manages, rents/leases, maintains and franchises hospitality real estate through its affiliates, mutually managed companies and partners. The prime focus of the group is laid on full-service, luxury and lifestyle hotels in major transit and destination cities and regional hubs, alongside focusing on hotel, resorts and resort properties in selected destinations. PPHE Hotel Group profits from an exclusive and perpetual license from the Radisson Hotel Group, which is one of the largest hotel groups in the world, to build, develop, run and operate the branded hotels and resorts- Park Plaza, in- Europe, Middle East and Africa. The multi-brand structure allows PPHE Hotel Group to grow and manage properties across different market segments. PPHE Hotel Group is one of the leading hoteliers in central London with a portfolio of around thirty-eight hotels and resorts in operation offering a total of approx. 8800 rooms and eight camp sites offering approximately six thousand units. The development pipeline of PPHE Hotel Group includes the addition of two new properties, one in London and another in New York City that shall be adding another six hundred rooms by the end of the year 2022-23. PPHE Hotel Group is Guernsey-registered company with shares listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and a constitute of the FTSE 250. PPHE Hotel Group maintains controlling ownership interest in Arena Hospitality Group, whose stocks are listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange’s Prime Market.

Strategic Agenda:

Their aim is clear towards driving growth and having long-term value.

Their properties and assets are aimed at yielding focused capital deployment, to optimize the value of their existing portfolio. Their strategy aims to extract value from portfolios to support and fund further growth, with an aim of achieving long-term sustainability. In their operations the aim is to consistently deliver superior and top-of-the-class guest experience across their properties. They maintain high operating margins and focus on leveraging their scale and inter-regional synergies.


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Purpose, Business Model and Values of the group

The PPHE Hotel Group aims to distinguish themselves from their competitors by providing a unique hospitality experience for their guests and clientele. The group aspires to provide a welcoming and comforting environment to their customers, coupled with a strong culture of service delivery whilst enjoying access to market-leading hospitality services. Their staff and teams work with a commitment and steely focus to exceed guest expectations and are adroit at achieving this mission.


The PPHE group strongly believes in creating valuable memories for their guests and building value to their assets. Their business model of running their business as owners as well as operators, facilitates the PPHE Hotel Group to generate meaningful returns on investments by strongly leveraging the capacity of hospitality real estate into value and profits- by creating, owning and operating these assets. Through constant investment of in their current portfolio of holding and assets, the group maintains the consistent quality of their property and assets, adding value to their resources, empowering their team members, and facilitating them to delight their customers day-in and day-out, with their inspirational and superior quality services, at their attractive locations.

Business Model:

They aim at building shareholder value at PPHE Hotel Group through the development, ownership and operation of real estate hospitality. At present, they own or co-own most of their portfolio and enjoys a successful track record in generating attractive and desirable operating returns and appreciation of asset value. They typically acquire properties that they consider having significant upside potential value. They are marching ahead steadily on a process of (re) developing, redesigning and continuing to improve the operations, with an aim to generate significant value across all areas and aspects of the value chain. Their seasoned senior management team, that comprises of experts in all significant discipline and areas, oversee this meticulous process. They are able to release capital for new investments by refinancing their properties that further encourages and facilitates their group to continuing expanding further.


The management ethos of the company is one that puts emphasis on connecting, encouraging, driving innovation, empowering, and they focus on cultivating an environment based on trust, respect, enthusiasm, passion, commitment and care.

Their Services:

The PPHE Hotel Group has its services rolling in the following domains:

  1. Hotel Operations
  2. Hotel Development
  3. Finance
  4. Commercial and Corporate Affairs
  5. People and Culture
  6. Technology and Business Solutions
  7. Legal

Their Brands:

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  1. Park Plaza
  2. Art’otel
  3. Arena Hotels and Apartments
  4. Arena Campsites
  5. Restaurants and Bars
  6. Licensed Outlets


The PPHE Hotel Group is led by a board of directors with a rich and extensive experience in the hotel real estate business and other related industry sectors and markets over the last fifty years.

Board of Directors of the PPHE Hotel Group comprises of the following members:

  1. Eli Popouchado, Non-Executive Chairman
  2. Boris Ivesha, President and Chief Executive Officer
  3. Daniel Kos, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director
  4. Kevin McAuliffe, Non-Executive Deputy Chairman
  5. Nigel Jones, Non-Executive Director and Senior Independent Director
  6. Dawn Morgan, Non-Executive Director
  7. Kenneth Bradley, Non-Executive Director

Executive Leadership team of the PPHE Hotel Group comprises of the following members:

  1. Boris Ivesha, President and Chief Executive Officer
  2. Daniel Kos, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director
  3. Greg Hegarty, Chief Operating Officer
  4. Inbar Zilberman, General Counsel
  5. Jaklien Van Sterkenburg, Executive Vice President- People and Culture, Head of Human Resources
  6. Robert Henke, Executive Vice President- Commercial and Corporate Affairs
  7. Daniel Pedreschi, Regional Vice President- Operations, The United Kingdom
  8. Michelle Wells, Regional Vice President- Operations, Netherlands

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