Three FTSE retail stocks to watch out for

Highlights:,Food prices in the country jumped to a historic high last month.,December saw the highest recorded monthly increase since this data since records began in 2005.,Rising food prices are pushing the inflation trajectory upwards in the UK, reaffir...

Three penny stocks to keep an eye on in January

Britain is set to deal with one of the most terrible recessions and faintest revivals in the G7.

Retail stocks to watch as footfall drops

The end of 2022 witnessed a surge in footfall on Boxing Day, when it was 39% more as compared to 2021.

Three dividend stocks to explore in Q1 2023

In 2023, the total dividend payments from FTSE100-listed firms are projected to reach a fresh record high.

3 LSE gold stocks to explore in 2023

Highlights:,Traditionally, the yellow metal is seen as a safer investment, especially when the economic conditions are volatile.,Going by the current economic situation in the UK, investors may turn to gold as a hedge to shield their investments.,With the...

BOOM, LOOK, MEGP: Stocks to eye as Brits plan to cut down spending

Highlights:,Two out of three consumers in the country have said they are thinking of slashing expenses that are not essential in 2023.,One in four said their expenses would stay the same as this year.,With the rising inflation and growing problems due to ...

Oil stocks to keep an eye on in 2023

Oil prices went up on Friday, on the road to witnessing an annual gain for the second consecutive time in a highly unstable year.

5 penny stocks that did well in 2022

Highlights:,The UK saw a lot of turbulence in 2022 due to many factors, including global and local.,Investors usually look for blue-chip stocks to invest in during such times, but some have a bigger risk appetite, and they explore penny stocks to generate...

Yearender 2022: Kalkine Media explores 5 stocks which soared

• The FTSE 100 has stood firm amid a global volatile market, falling by just 2%. • S&P 500 and Nasdaq dipped by 19% and 31%, respectively. • Even though FTSE's exposure in tech stocks, healthcare consumer staples etc., did manage to dodge some of the mark

DPLM, CKN, SRE: How did these mid-cap stocks perform this year?

Highlights:,The UK economy is suffering the most among the G7 countries.,The country's economy shrank by 0.3% in the quarter to September.,The UK's economic contraction was revised to 0.3% for the third quarter of this year from 0.2%, announced last month...