Which are the best 15 NZX penny stocks worth exploring?


  • Penny stocks are generally considered as hit-or-miss stocks.
  • Though considered as a volatile and speculative investment, these stocks are very popular among small traders as well as first-time investors.
  • Investors are enthusiastic about these stocks because they have the potential to reward them with high returns.

The prime reason why people invest in penny stocks is that they are low-priced stocks. Investment in these stocks does not require huge amount of money, and one can easily forgo the amount invested in case of any risk arising from economic downturns.

On the contrary, when invested wisely, these penny stocks carry a huge potential of giving high returns. It is this trait of penny stocks that always allures investors to invest in these hit-or-miss stocks.


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Let us now skim through 15 NZX penny stocks and check their latest updates.

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Asset Plus Limited (NZX:APL)

First on the list is Asset Plus Limited, which invests solely in New Zealand’s real-estate sector. In its FY21 financial result, APL’s NPAT clocked NZ$15.95 million, aided by prudent cost management and unrealised gains on investment property. It paid a final dividend of 0.45 cps on 11 June, thereby bringing the total dividend paid during the year to 1.8 cps.

Moreover, with securing large-scale development at Munroe Lane, APL is now focussed on building its portfolio with quality assets.

At the closing bell in 8 July  Asset Plus fell by 1.47% at NZ$0.335.

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PaySauce Limited (NZX:PYS)

The payroll software company, PaySauce Limited, in its latest June quarterly update, revealed the successful acquisition of business and assets of SmoothPay during the quarter. As a result, its total recurring revenue was up 36% YOY for the June 2021 quarter, with the number of employees paying through the PaySauce platform increased to almost 20,000.

On 8 July, PaySauce settled the day surging by 11.86% at NZ$0.330.

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Burger Fuel Group Limited (NZX:BFG)

Third, we have Burger Fuel Group Limited, which is a NZ-based restaurant chain. In FY21 annual performance, BFG reported a 41.1% increase in NPAT, amounting to NZ$712,985, with trading conditions getting normalised during the latter half of the year. The Group continues to focus on acquiring new market opportunities. However, no dividends were paid during the year.

At the end of the trading session on 8 July, Burger Fuel Group traded flat at NZ$0.400.

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Rua Bioscience Limited (NZX:RUA)

One of the leading producers of cannabinoid derived medicines in the country, Rua Bioscience Limited, has recently announced a two-year, collaborative research programme with the University of Waikato to examine the use of hyperspectral technology in the cultivation and assessment of medicinal cannabis, thus paving the way for the Company’s entrance in NZ’s flourishing agritech sector, which is expected to be worth NZ$2.5 billion by 2025.

On 8 July, Rua Bioscience declined by 4.65% at NZ$0.410, at the close of the market session.

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Metro Performance Glass Limited (NZX:MPG)

Next in line is NZ’s famous glass supplier, Metro Performance Glass Limited. The Company has recently revealed its Long-Term Incentive Plan for FY22. The said plan is designed to retain and reward those employees whose performance strengthens MPG's strategic goals and long-term value creation for its shareholders.

The shares of Metro Performance Glass rose by 3.49% at NZ$0.445 at the market close on 8 July.

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New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited (NZX:NZO)

Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited is an oil exploration and production-based company. Its Annual Meeting is likely to be scheduled for 3 November 2021. The details related to the meeting will be shared soon. Moreover, nominations for the board members would close on 3 September 2021.

On 8 July, New Zealand Oil & Gas climbed by 1.10% at NZ$0.460 at the end of the trading session.

Marlin Global Limited (NZX:MLN)

Coming up next is Marlin Global Limited, which invests in growing companies across the globe. The Company has recently appointed David McClatchy as its independent director, who has assumed office from 1 July onwards.

McClatchy will also join the board of Barramundi Limited and Kingfish Limited.

The shares of Marlin Global fell by 0.61% at NZ$1.640 at the market close on 8 July.

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Cannasouth Limited (NZX:CBD)

This is a biopharmaceutical company which develops medicinal cannabis is Cannasouth Limited. It has recently entered into a conditional agreement with Aaron Craig and his family interests to acquire the balance 50% interest in the JV business of Cannasouth Cultivation Limited for a purchase price of NZ$3,540,000.

Further, CBD has partnered with Mark Balchin and Greenmeadows Health Limited to take over the remaining 40% stake in Hawkes Bay-based Midwest Pharmaceutics NZ Limited for a purchase price of NZ$1,026,000.

At the marker close on 8 July, Cannasouth remained unchanged at NZ$0.540.

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Marlborough Wine Estates Group Limited (NZX:MWE)

Next is Marlborough Wine Estates Group Limited, which manages vineyard assets across the Awatere Valley in Marlborough. The Company had revealed the successful completion of its 2021 harvest. The very dry weather from December to March has ripened and maximised the quality of 2021’s vintage.

At the end of the trading session on 8 July, Marlborough Wine Estates Group was up by 1.75% at NZ$0.290.

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Barramundi Limited (NZX:BRM)

Now, we would be looking at Barramundi Limited, which invests in the Australian equity market. As per reports on 1 July, David McClatchy had joined the Company as its independent director.

McClatchy comes with an extensive experience of 25 years, majorly in the Australasian investment management industry.

The shares of Barramundi fell by 0.91% at NZ$1.090 at the end of the trading session on 8 July.

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Geo Limited (NZX:GEO)

Coming up next is Geo Limited, which is a SaaS-based technology company. It has revealed that its chief shareholder, Roger Sharp, who is also its Non-Executive Chair, seeks retirement from the position of Chair around November 2021.

The Company will soon seek a suitable replacement for the Chair.

At the closing bell on July 8, Geo dropped by 2.31% at NZ$0.127.

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Cavalier Corporation Limited (NZX:CAV)

Cavalier Corporation Limited is NZ’s famous broadloom wool carpet manufacturer. Recently, NZ RegCo sought an inquiry into the Company’s share price increase of 25% in last week of June 2021.

To which, CAV responded that it has complied with all the mandatory disclosures as laid down under the NZX listing rules.

On 8 July, Cavalier Corporation settled the day unchanged at NZ$0.540.

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Vital Limited (NZX:VTL)

Next, we would look into Vital Limited, which is one of the leading providers of telecommunication networks across the country. The Company has recently notified its stakeholders about the departure of Phil Henderson, its Sales & Marketing Head, in June 2021. As of now, VTL’s CEO, Andrew Miller, has taken charge of the sales force.

At the end of the trading session on July 8, Vital was flat at NZ$0.850.

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Michael Hill International Limited (NZX:MHJ)

We would now look at the speciality jewellery retailer, Michael Hill International Limited. The Company has informed its shareholders about the renewal of its Board. Rob Fyfe has been appointed the new Chair as its previous Chair, Emma Hill, sought retirement on 28 June.

Moreover, on 28 June, the Company’s CEO Daniel Bracken joined the board as MHJ’s Managing Director.

Michael Hill International remained unchanged at NZ$0.890 on 8 July.

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Just Life Group Limited (NZX:JLG)

Lastly, we would look at Just Life Group Limited, which propagates healthy living among Kiwis by providing drinking water and related services across Aotearoa. The Company has allotted 5,885,894 ordinary shares under the rights offer, which received investors' strong support. 

At the end of the trading session on 8 July, Just Life Group was flat at NZ$0.890.

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