Unique Crypto asset – CAGE in spotlight today


  • CAGE stands quite apart from the typical meme tokens with zero transaction costs.
  • The C4G3 is a complete Index platform for meme tokens including some top performing meme tokens in the cryptoverse.
  • CAGE is trading 1.42% higher in the last 24 hours at US$0.015791.

Hundreds of new meme coins are launched in cryptocurrency market everyday, where most of them tend to be just joke-asset. However, some of these meme coins significantly grow in the price and gain the spotlight. Hence, many traders often look out to purchase some popular meme tokens.

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CAGE platform provides the trader an index token that thoroughly represents the value of preselected meme coins. This article will provide some of the highlights of CAGE token.

What is CAGE (C4G3) token?

CAGE or C4G3, is an ERC20 token and is relatively different from typical meme tokens. It has a fixed supply and comes with no transaction tax. Hence, CAGE is not a deflationary token that anyone can obtain by depositing the indexed meme assets to receive it.

Unique Crypto asset – CAGE in spotlight


To purchase this crytpo token, the buyer can use any of the single or multi-asset option. However, the other utility values of CAGE token come with the governing ability of the platform, where the user or the buyer can participate in all future events having exposure to the index pool.

How to buy CAGE token?

For the initial process, CMI – that is the Meme Index Token, will track four meme tokens and stable coin that meets majority of early criteria.

The buyer can purchase CAGE token by funding their bank account with either Ethereum (ETH) or Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). If in case, the buyer doesn’t have cryptocurrency, the buyer can still purchase CAGE token with a bank card.

Purchase is available of different exchanges like Uniswap etc. where user can purchase the token by manually depositing the underlying assets using either single or multi-asset option.

The buyer is required to open the C4G3/ETH or C4G3/WBTC order book and place the trade order. After this, the buyer can either withdraw CAGE tokens to the personal ERC20 wallet or hold them on the account.

CAGE price movement –

CAGE is trading 1.42% higher at US$0.015791 with a trading volume of US$60,104.86. The current market rank of CAGE is #3854 with a maximum supply of 1 billion C4G3 coins.