COVID-19: Brisbane put under mandatory mask rule


  • Queensland health minister announced mandatory rules across Moreton Bay areas and Brisbane.
  • Local Government areas to restrict access to vulnerable facilities again.
  • Health Minister of Queensland urged the Queenslanders to get immediately vaccinated to protect the most vulnerable in the community.

Queensland health minister – Yvette D’Ath announced mandatory mask rules across Brisbane and some areas of Moreton Bay due to the increasing COVID-19 cases.

Queensland will has also called for mandatory vaccination of the truck drivers who are travelling in and out of the state. The state is reimposing mask restrictions after recording six new COVID-19 cases today, where four out of six reported cases were infectious in the community.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer and and the Governor-designate of the state Dr Jeanette Young, said that the new masks restrictions will be imposed for the citizens living in Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions only.

Young said that they want to go back to people who are wearing masks indoors, who are living in the mentioned areas. As Queensland has taken the right decision, there’s no need to panic, she said.

Covid-19 vaccine injection by Doctor Source: © Jirsak |

As masks are the best line of defence, until the 80% of the country gets fully vaccinated, the health officer advised the citizens to continue using masks, especially highlighting Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions.

These restrictions require people to wear masks both outdoors and indoors.

Due to the spate of the COVID-19 infections among truck drivers, the Government has also imposed the mandatory vaccinations for those who are crossing the state’s borders.

The truck drivers will have to be tested COVID-19 negative within seven days of entering Queensland.

Around 64% of eligible citizens had their first dose so far, and 45% are fully vaccinated in Queensland. Dr Young and Health Minister Yvette D’Ath have urged the Queenslanders to get immediately vaccinated and get tested in case of any Covid symptom.

Dr Young said that this lockdown was not yet necessary, but it can be temporary, pointing back to the importance of vaccination push.