How Travel Brands Can Succeed in a Post COVID-19 World 

The travel and hospitality industry has always bounced back after every disaster. This was witnessed after the gulf war or the 9/11 attack as well. Although there was a halt in the business for some time, it did flourish well in the aftermath.

How will the travel industry come back to the same flamboyance with the world hit by pandemics, and most companies have stalled? Or is it even possible for the travel companies to function the same way as before? 

While we ponder this, we must understand that people can always return to the travel force. Therefore, it is recommended to take the necessary steps to be at the top of the customers' minds. Therefore, this article will give you those clinical insights that shall help you succeed in the post COVID'19 world.

Top Travel Business Ideas to Consider in Post COVID'19 World

1. Customer Engagement: 

It is vital for any travel brand. People are not to travel, but that does not mean you must be idle. Conduct a wide range of marketing campaigns to stay on top of the customer's mind, and indeed there are many ways to do that. You need not be a Delta or a high-profile airline to offer free tours or medical tours. 

But for sure you can use the below-mentioned ways to engage the customers.

2. Video Marketing:  

The pandemic world has arrested people indoors. The best mode for them is through delectable videos. As per the data released by Lemomlite, statistics say that 96% of people have increased their video watching habits. More than 90% of the consumers look for more videos from brands and other businesses.

Also, an average person watches a 100-minute video per day. These staggering numbers must interest you. All you need is a suitable video editor and a commendable theme every time you post a video online. 


3. Social Media Presence: 

As you post the videos online, take them to social media as well. Ensure you set up a few competitions and reward the winners. You must be active on social media. Be it Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you must have attention-seeking content to stay on top of your customer's mind. 

4. Marketing Campaigns:

Run regular campaigns to know the customer pulse. Intellectual teams attempt to gather data by running surveys and using them when the situations are acceptable. Get the data, offer them a discount later as they win a competition. The marketing campaigns must be engaging the customer. The pivot of the idea is to keep the customer informed that the organization is still functioning. 

5. Safety Measures: 

Of course, travellers are fearful of travelling these days. Your organization must act as a travel advocate in guiding the travellers if they intend to travel. The queries must be answered with the utmost care and proclaim yourself to be the trusted source for any travel-related information.

Set up a dynamic contact center as well. The travel and hospitality industry may not be functioning in full swing right now, but assisting people with travel and precautions also becomes a good marketing technique

6. Multi-Channel Communication Support: 

The contact centre can set up multiple communication channels. It can be chat support or back-end email support too. All these means of communication can help you gather a lot of data for the future. Cross-sell or upsell your products as you do so. For example, if a destination accepts travelers from across the world, set up the price package and entire tour plan that combines pleasure cum safety trips. 

7. Understand the Competition:  

Sketching marketing strategies and executing them is on the one side. While the other is to know what your competitors are doing. Doing thorough market research about the travel companies will give you twofold inferences. One is, you can get to know their strategies. The other is the pace at which they operate.

Speed is necessary at this time. Being consistent with your plans simultaneously and efficient enough to break the competition is wise. While you do that, you must also analyze what will be the situation post-COVID. It will give a more significant opportunity to set up all the tour packages. If you have not explored any new territory, you must attempt doing it now. 

Tips that may make you Succeed in Travel Business Post COVID'19 Consistency: 

It is of paramount importance for your company. Be it the video marketing campaign or any other marketing strategy, be consistent with the time and the content. Increase the curiosity of the customers by offering a delectable online range. It will make them wait for the next one from you at the said time. If this becomes a practice, you are building a solid customer base for your organization. 

1. Short Videos: 

People like to watch sharp and crisp videos. Those are the videos that have tremendous customer views. So make shorter videos, highly interesting, and keep the customer guessing till the following video is released. Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram play a vital role in such aspects.

2. Allocation of Funds: 

Attempt to divert a good percentage of funds to marketing purposes even now. As the business is stalled, leading to stoppage of certain expenses. Such things need to be taken into account and used for marketing purposes. You can set up medical camps or medical tours for some and create awareness among people too. 

3. Be Ready: 

You may not know when the travelling force shall be back. It can happen at any time. Be ready with your resources, and you must go all guns blazing as soon as the bans are reverted. Keep plan A and Plan B ready always. Demo a dry run of such situations where the travel has begun and test your team's performance.  


The travel industry has always returned to its normal situation, even after outbreaks such as natural calamity or a disaster. So it is not new to the resilient industry force. But the time has to answer how soon you can recover from the mishap. 

Author Bio 

Sanket Shah

I am the founder of InVideo. InVideo serves millions of users from ~190 countries and we have raised $20M+ from the likes of Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global. We believe the future of video creation is in the browser, across devices, and collaborative