Can Droughts Jeopardize Canada’s Agricultural Sector.

Climate change and extreme weather conditions are a big concern for the entire Canadian economy. It not only affects the agricultural industry but also has wider implications for its citizens. Drought in parts of Canada, as reported by the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), will not only hit farming, but impact every individual as it will lead to a rise in the prices of grocery items.

From the hydroelectricity sector to mining, ramifications of droughts will be felt in critical areas.   The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada report also highlights that below-average precipitation in winter has resulted in low soil moisture, which is a cause of concern for farmers in the region. In fact, the moisture level was below fifty per cent of what the soil can actuall

This reflects the magnitude of the problem. Droughts can severely impact socio-economic landscapes.  Cattle too rely on precipitation. The forecast of dry conditions in southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba can also mean limited grass for cattle to graze on and no water in ponds and lakes to drink from. 

And then there’s energy! Over sixty per cent of Canada’s total electricity comes from hydro sources. Experts worry that extended dry conditions are likely to jeopardize the share of hydroelectricity in Canada. In Manitoba, hydroelectricity accounts for a whopping ninety six per cent of all energy generated, that’s according to government data. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s report is bad news for the province’s hydroelectricity sector as well. 



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