Rritual promises ‘Beauty from Within’, set to launch mushroom-based collagen boosters


  • Rritual Superfoods has completed evaluating its first new superfood mushroom latte blend formulation that comprises plant-based collagen enhancers.
  • The Company intends to replace animal-based collagen enhancers with plant-based botanicals and superfoods.
  • Rritual's plant-based formulation contains Tremella (snow mushroom), which allows the skin to retain moisture as well as enhance collagen fibers.

In a move aimed at disrupting animal-based collagen boosters, Rritual Superfoods Inc’s (RSF:CSE) Product Innovation and Research team has completed the assessment of its first new superfood mushroom latte blend product.

The fast-growing functional superfood firm’s new latte blend formulation comprises plant-based collagen enhancers, a key market differentiator.

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Rritual is looking forward to launching two new superfood latte powder mixes in the fall of 2021. These formulations will promote skin-deep beauty and also enhance energy & cognitive performance.

The Company’s plant-based formulation comprises Tremella, which allows the skin to maintain moisture as well as enhance collagen fibers to keep skin healthy and flexible – ‘beauty from within’.*

Tremella fuciformis is an antioxidant-rich mushroom well-known to help in maintaining collagen levels to keep skin hydrated, toned and youthful.

Furthermore, Rritual intends to substitute the animal-based collagen enhancers with plant-based superfoods and botanicals.

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It is interesting to note that, Rritual Latte powders are free of caffeine, have low sugar and are delectable.

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Commenting on the company’s innovative plant-based collagen boosters, Stacey Gillespie, Chief Innovation Officer of Rritual, said-  

On 9 July 2021, RSF shares closed the trading session at CA$0.67, up by 6.35%.

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