What is artificial intelligence?

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What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a popular and widely used technology which, in simple terms, provides abilities to machines to perform a particular task that helps in reducing human effort. This is made possible via specific programming languages, tools & techniques, or codes, that are implemented into the machine so that it can perform tasks with minimal or no human intervention. 

AI applications can be seen in healthcare, sales and marketing, business analytics, and so on. Let's have a look at some Real-world Applications of AI: 

 * Google’s Predictive Search Engine:  One of the most common examples of AI is the Google predictive search engine. We have observed that when we start typing anything on Google, a set of recommendation start showing from where we can choose. This is one of the simplest examples of Artificial Intelligence in action. 

* Legal Document Analysis:   A well-recognized Investment Banking company uses its contract Intelligence platform to access its legal document. 

Social Media/Networking Platforms:   The popular website Facebook is where we can see the implementation of AI. The auto-tagging feature which we see on Facebook is an example of AI. 

* Self-driven cars:   Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in self-driven vehicles with the best example being that of Tesla. Through this technology, the cars are capable of detecting any obstacle coming on its way. 


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