What Are Some of the Best Approaches to Improve Well-Being by Companies?

In addition to creating a massive public health crisis, the covid-19 pandemic has also led to an increase in mental health problems and rise in stressed and emotionally exhausted workers. In such a time, corporates have a big role to play in terms of ensuring the wellness of their employees.

Moreover, undertaking such initiatives would benefit employers by ensuring employee satisfaction and loyalty. Due to this, some companies have started rolling out initiatives to help their staff in the wake of this crisis. E-commerce giant Amazon recently announced its plans to roll out wellness chambers called “AmaZen” in its warehouses to help its staff sit inside the chambers and watch relaxation videos such as guided meditations, positive affirmations and those with calming music or sounds.

Dr. Meisha-Ann Martin, director of people analytics at human resource platform Workhuman, said in an interview recently that relationships between employees and managers need to be handled with care and respect, in order to create a more holistic workplace and help employees manage their mental and physical well-being.





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