Crypto Buzz || Is China Involved In The 2021 Cryptocurrency Crash?

• Cryptocurrency or the new internet money has had regulators stand somewhere between befuddled and bemused. Having existed in the underground culture of computer science for many years it has only started to emerge into the mainstream.

  Let’s begin by glancing at a few possible new locations for the Chinese crypto miing and exchanges that are no longer permitted to operate on local shores.

• To start with, Singapore, which is situated on the South China Sea has been turning up the heat as a global financial centre in recent years. It is even being seen to over-take Hong Kong as the preferred place to conduct business in Asia.

• Switzerland is also a place of interest for many cryptocurrency corporations having a fairly established and secure financial and political tradition.

• The regulatory subject France’s regulator Autorite des Marches Financiers is vouching for a central European regulating financial authority to reside over the whole continent.





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