Bitcoin’s mystery whale continue to keep everyone guessing

*After rallying for weeks, Bitcoin started trading on a slow note. As the day progressed, Bitcoin was hovering slightly above US$ 55000 at one point.

*Bitcoin did get a significant kick, courtesy of the whale incident. The cryptocurrency saw an immediate spike, with prices skyrocketing by 5% and hitting US$ 57,627 at one point.

*Rumours now suggest that the ‘whale’ or ‘whales’ could be Asian/s. This is based on the assumption that there are individuals or companies out of China, which recently banned cryptocurrencies, wanting to make most of the crypto’s current bullish run.

*Few communities pointed at unexpected players, such as Africa and El Salvador, as the whale. But all-in-all, the mystery still looms large on the brain or brains behind the huge transactions.





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