Ever heard of Cloud-based Waste Management? M8 Sustainable (ASX:M8S) does it!

Commercial services firm M8 Sustainable Limited (ASX:M8S), on Friday, announced the launch of Access Waste Management, an industry first, cloud-based waste management and logistics platform.

The Company, in doing so, will be combining multiple integrated platforms and utilise technology developed by Perth-based software developer, iHUB Solutions Pty Ltd.

Access Waste focusses on providing and delivering a suite of solutions to waste generators, regulators and waste management service providers, with the objective of improving profitability, compliance, sustainability and environmental outcomes.


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M8S and iHUB Solutions have formed a fully incorporated 50-50 joint venture utilising the company, iHUB Technologies Pty Ltd, to commercialise the Access Waste platform.

How does it work?

iHUB Technologies has developed three fully integrated cloud-based tools, which are designed to streamline the ordering, logistics and supply chain of waste management, leading to higher levels of recycling, improved compliance, and generally more sustainable, cost-effective waste management services.

The Investments

iHUB Solutions has assigned its intellectual property to iHUB Technologies and M8S will invest AU$351,000 over the next 18 months in rolling the system out.

The key components

The Access Waste platform and operational models are key components in generation of waste volumes to support M8’s Gingin Waste Management Facility due to open in the first quarter of calendar year 2022.

Commercial roll-out of Access Waste will take place in three stages over the coming months:

  1. Launch: Cloud-based systems, procurement, branding and roll out of operational assets, commencement of collections. Stage 1 successfully commenced on 13 September.
  2. Beta Testing and Vendor Development: Testing of cloud-based systems, signing up vendors ahead of subscription model.
  3. Market Expansion: Launch of restricted site in situ loader/compactor (RSLC) units for capture and consolidation of vendor waste of volumes, initiate vendor subscription model and continued focus on volume growth.

About M8 Sustainable

M8 Sustainable belongs to waste management sector and focuses on the downstream sectors of processing and disposal.

The Company makes money from waste processing and recovery and sale of waste-derived products.

About iHUB Solutions

iHUB Solutions is a Perth based software development company that has been specialising in the supply chain management and logistics sectors for more than 10 years.

Since start up, iHUB Solutions has expanded its service offering to include online marketing and complex cloud system management and security.

Bottom Line

This joint venture will provide innovative and efficient solutions to businesses and the general public. It will also furnish a platform for the waste sector which provides levels of compliance monitoring, price transparency, service and reporting standards. The Access Waste platform will change the way businesses and the general public handle waste collection, processing and recycling.





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