Skim through Mount Burgess’ Copper & Silver zones at Kihabe


  • Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX:MTB) is assessing the way forward for the Corridor Projects heavy mineral sands (HMS) in Mozambique- Kihabe-Nxuu base metals project.
  • It states that copper occurs in association with the Zn/Pb/Ag/Ge/V mineralization.
  • The Company has also drilled into the two Kihabe Deposit silver domains.

Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX:MTB) aims to explore for and in the event of discovery, develop commercial deposits of mineral resources. Last year, the Company regained title to its Kihabe-Nxuu base metals project through the grant of PL43/2016 (to 31 December 2022). It is committed towards ongoing resource development and exploration expenditure for the project.

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During the six months to 31 December 2020, Mount Burgess was involved in the following activities-

  • Scrutinizing the possibility to exploit further known metal credits like Copper, Germanium and Vanadium.
  • Investigating metallurgical processes to enhance the ability for on-site beneficiation of metal production.

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More recently, it has conducted further in-depth assessment at the Kihabe Polymetallic Deposit to understand the presence of Copper and silver grades.

Recent Assessment for Copper

In the NE sector of the Kihabe, around 15 drill holes intersected possibly commercial copper grades. This was reported over 600m strike length (from section 11,200mE to Section 11,800mE).

There have been recent increases in the copper price (excess of US $8,800/t as in March 2021). Consequently, Mount Burgess conducted further in-depth assessment of Kihabe. Notably, Cu occurs in association with the Zn/Pb/Ag/Ge/V mineralization.

Results from five additional diamond core holes will enable Mount Burgess to better understand the continuity of the Cu mineralised zones and plan future in-fill drilling programmes. Meanwhile, lines of drill holes in the area are mainly 100m apart, which now need to be reduced.

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Recent Assessment for Silver

The silver price has been on a rise since over a year, owing to increase in its industrial demand. Particularly, solar panels are in demand as power sources become more reliant on green technology.

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There are two silver domains within the Kihabe Deposit- SW domain (400m from 9,900mE to 10,300mE). The other is the NE one, covered 400m from 11,500mE to 11,900mE.

Mount Burgess piloted an additional in-depth review of holes drilled into both the silver domains at Kihabe-

  • 13 holes have been added to the SW domain. This extends the zone to 500m in length (from 9,900mE to 10,400mE).
    • The average width of mineralisation of the 26 holes in this domain amounts to 12.2m per hole.
    • The average grade of the total 319.4m of mineralisation of the 26 holes amounts to 2.2 oz/t Ag.
  • 8 holes have been added to the NE domain extending it to 500m in length from 11,500mE to 12,000mE.
    • The average width of mineralisation of the 18 holes in this domain amounts to 11.7m per hole
    • The average grade of the total 212m of mineralisation of the 18 holes amounts to 2.5 oz/t Ag.

The in-depth review of drill holes will enable Mount Burgess to better determine a future in-fill drilling programme with much closer line spacing (currently drilled on 100m line spacings).

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Meanwhile, further leach test work is being conducted to confirm the Zn metal on site recoveries from the Kihabe oxide zone. Mineralogical test work is also being conducted to confirm the host mineral of Vanadium in this zone.

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MTB quoted A$0.007 on 23 April 2021.

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