Learn how Carbonxt Group is unlocking opportunities in water treatment space


  • Carbonxt is witnessing demand from several new sectors eyeing to leverage its technology for maintaining compliance with air and water emission requirements.
  • The Company has signed a Letter of Intent with Glanris, Inc., to expand the latter’s existing water filtration products and create a pelletised version.
  • Carbonxt’s pellet technology has achieved promising results against Florida Red Tide algal blooms propagation.

United States-focused cleantech company Carbonxt Group Limited (ASX:CG1) specialises in activated carbon pellets and powder activated carbon solutions that capture contaminants in industrial processes.

With a major market advantage, Carbonxt is witnessing demand from several new sectors that recognise the growing relevance of the Company’s technology to maintain compliance with air and water emission requirements and remove harmful pollutants.  

Gearing up its growth momentum, the Company recently ticked off significant milestones in the water treatment space. Let us look at the recent developments adding lustre to the Company’s growth in this space.

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LOI with US water filtration company Glanris

Carbonxt recently signed a Letter of Intent with Glanris, Inc., a water filtration manufacturer based in the US. The agreement is for the development of a pelletised version of Glanris’ high-performance water filtration media BiocarbonTM derived from rice husks.

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Notably, significant amounts of harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) are generated every year when billions of pounds of rice husks are either burned or left to rot in landfill. On the other hand, Glanris’ patented process converts these hulls into a biocarbon that cut-off carbon rather than generating GHGs.

Both the parties are collaborating to expand Glanris’ existing water filtration products and create a pelletised version. The pellet will be used in both liquid and vapour phase applications and can be deployed to purify other pollutants in a variety of high-flow applications.

Encouraging results against Florida Red Tide algal blooms

Carbonxt has achieved very promising results in recent laboratory tests, which deployed new activated carbon formulations to prevent Florida Red Tide algal blooms propagation. The tests highlighted successful elimination of algae within two hours of exposure to the Carbonxt product, leading to further advanced testing applications. The tests were backed by a US$0.1 million government grant.

CG1 test results

Source: CG1 Presentation, dated 30 September 2021

Red Tide and Blue Green Algae events, naturally occurring off coasts all over the world, are caused by algal blooms, which release toxins into the air and water. These events devastate aquatic life, impact tourism, and affect residents sensitive to airborne irritants. The Company aims to apply pellets formulated to simultaneously kill K. brevis and remove its toxins without causing long-term harm to the ecosystem.

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HydRestor Technology offering growth opportunities

A high-quality pelletised activated carbon sorbent, Carbonxt’s HydRestor is developed specifically to remove phosphorus in various water-phase applications.

The Company is making use of its existing patent-pending formulation to develop a range of novel sorbents. Moreover, sorbents have competitive advantage in terms of compact vessel design that is scalable, better aesthetics and easier to use.

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While Carbonxt recently witnessed significant growth in demand for its products, it is also expanding its presence as a cleantech company, cashing in on growth opportunities in the water treatment space. On this front, Carbonxt’s product development and strategic collaboration strategies seem to be faring well to make a mark in the industry.

CG1 shares traded at AU$0.320 midday on 12 January 2022.





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