NOVONIX Marking Strong Presence in Rapidly Growing Advanced Materials Market

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NOVONIX Marking Strong Presence in Rapidly Growing Advanced Materials Market

 NOVONIX Marking Strong Presence in Rapidly Growing Advanced Materials Market


  • Cathode materials represent ~30% of the cost of a battery cell, while their market currently valued at USD 7 billion, growing 13% on a YoY basis.
  • Together, cathode and anode markets are expected to make a transition from ~USD 10 billion today to USD 50 billion- USD 100 billion in the next 5 to 10 years.
  • NOVONIX’s breakthrough technology and competitive edge positions it to be a tier one global supplier in this rapidly growing advanced materials market.
  • With a robust technology pipeline in place, NVX is also investigating the application for listing on the North American OTC Market: OTCQX® Best Market

“Making better batteries” and delivering battery materials representing the future of EV and renewables, NOVONIX Limited (ASX:NVX) deserves closer attention as the only company to break into this market from North America or Europe.

Notably, NVX has deliver substantial return of 330.54% over past one month, while the stock soared ~7.3% to AUD 1.180 on 12 June 2020.

NOVONIX Competent Across Cell Technology Development

Founded in 2012 as GraphiteCorp, the Company changed its name to NOVONIX Limited in July 2017 to better reflect its future direction and build on a brand name known for quality and services in the battery industry.

NOVONIX's mission is to support the global deployment of lithium-ion battery technologies for a cleaner energy future. It aims to improve batteries for electric vehicles, phones, laptops, cordless equipment, and renewable energy storage.

Over the years, the Company has well transformed from a developer of a flake graphite deposit into a supplier of advanced battery materials, equipment, and services to the global Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) market, competent to operate in both the upstream and downstream facets of the value chain.

Currently, it has operations in Canada and the USA, with sales in more than 14 countries.

Battery Materials Market & NOVONIX’s Competitive Edge

The LIB market is in a growth phase with demand for lithium ion batteries forecast to rise tenfold over the next decade, consequently, single crystal cathode materials have lately become an aspiration for the LIB industry.

Tapping this lucrative opportunity, NOVONIX plans to be a tier one global supplier in the rapidly growing advanced materials market. To pioneer the same, the Company has been redefining manufacturing processes, aiming to lower costs, waste and emissions while delivering much-needed battery materials for a renewable future.

Moreover, it has core competencies across all areas of cell technology development and can leverage strong connections with prominent companies in the battery, auto, renewables and electronics. Perhaps the most distinctive competitive edge with NOVONIX lies in its technology advantages in anode, cathode, and electrolyte- some demonstrated and others in pipeline.

The Company also has agreements with Samsung SDI (SAMSUNG Supply Agreement and R&D Collaboration) and Sanyo Electric Co. (SANYO Commercial Collaboration)- two of the largest battery makers that represented 40% of the global LIB market in 2018.

Let us deep dive into the Company’s technology advantage and roadmap-

NOVONIX’s Unique Technology

The Company has core competencies across all areas of cell technology development. Speaking of its stance in anode, it has its first commercial technology in PUREgraphite anode material with a contract with Samsung SDI. Moving on to cathode, the Company has cathode technology entering pilot scale and commercialization phase now.

Moreover, the quest for million-mile battery has been gaining massive traction amongst prominent EV automakers like General Motors and Tesla racing to pioneer this realm. While million-mile battery requires three critical elements, NOVONIX has all three in-house-

Why do customers need NOVONIX Anode Material?

NVX’s synthetic graphite anode material clearly beats competitors in head-to-head testing. It delivers performance required with improved colombic efficiency and cycle life compared to industry leading materials.

Moreover, it is cost competitive owing to use of re-engineered product & process, guarantees safety, adheres to green alternative that ensures zero chemical purification as well as low emission energy sources, and offers supply diversification.

Besides this, NOVONIX offers improved capacity retention compared to industry leading materials as expected from higher coulombic efficiency.

NVX Technology Continued- Breakthrough DPMG Method

NVX’s technology discussion would be incomplete without discussing its proprietary DPMG (Dry Particle Microgranulation) technique, a breakthrough method that can be applied to the manufacturing of both anode and cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries and offers low cost cathode synthesis.

Developed by Professor Mark Obrovac and team through research funded by NOVONIX BTS in collaboration with the Canadian government through the NSERC Industrial Research Chair program, Dry Particle Microgranulation provides a method for synthesizing particles (highly engineered) via the consolidation of fine materials into particles that can be tens of microns and suitable for use in Li-ion batteries.

With the current precursor synthesis process (CSTR) regarded as complex, wasteful and costly, DPMG’s dry synthesis of high nickel materials at a significantly lower cost can be a highly lucrative method.

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Patent Update

Ramping up commercialisation plan for the method, the first patent application has been filed around polycrystalline and coreshell type materials, with second patent application filed around single crystal processing technology.

Besides this, patents have been filed by the Company with 100% royalty-free rights for Single Crystal Cathode (SCC), an emerging key factor in the million-mile battery that can significantly lower cost and reduce waste.

In context of advanced electrolytes, IP is starting to be filed as NVX electrolytes outperform benchmark electrolytes under long term cycling at 40°C.

NOVONIX’s Technology Roadmap

(Source: NVX’s Report)

(Source: NVX’s Report)


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