Infinity Mining Limited IPO: How to invest in the lithium stock?

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Infinity Mining Limited IPO: How to invest in the lithium stock?

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  • Infinity Mining is going to list on ASX next week.
  • Proposed ASX:IMI shares will close their retail offer on Sunday 19 December, 2021.

Renewable minerals exploration company, Infininty Mining Limited is to list on ASX in the upcoming week.  Infinity Mining Limited’s retail IPO offer is on until 19 December 2021, and investors can apply for the same through a registered broker. It is to list on ASX by ticker ASX:IMI.

What is Infinity Mining’s business?

  • The mining company focuses on rare earth minerals like lithium, nickel, copper, silver, and gold.
  • Most of these are useful in today electric vehicle era and in energy storage systems or batteries.
  • Infinity mining is an emerging company in the battery and precious metals industry.
  • With the funds raised from ASX, Infinity mining intends to begin work on near-term gold targets in Central Goldfields and fund longer-term gold and copper projects in the Pilbara region, WA.

How to invest in Infinity Mining Limited shares?

  • The participation of retail investors in Infinity Mining Limited IPO is possible until 19 December 2021 through a registered broker’s account.
  • The proposed ASX:IMI- IPO is being managed by lead managers CPS Capital Group Pty Ltd and Foster Stockbroking Pty Ltd jointly.
  • The company seeks to raise AU$10 million in capital via new shares issued at an offer price of AU$0.20 per share.
  • However, it is not essential that all the shares applied for will be allotted on ASX listing after the offer closes.
  • Infinity Mining Limited will be listed on ASX on 22 December, and shares will be trading publicly, so any investor seeking more shares in the company can buy them from the listing date onwards.
  • Investing in Infinity mining shares can expose investors’ portfolios to battery and precious metals mining.

However, before investing in any ASX listing, investors need to understand the business prospects and operations in detail, i.e., future risks and returns.

Bottom line-

Infinity Mining IPO is a chance for investors to take exposure in an upcoming battery and precious metals miner. Though the scope of Infinity mining’s business seems huge in the wake of the emerging battery-based energy eco-system and the demand for gold, how successfully Infinity mining can use funds raised from ASX will only be known with time.


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