Spacetalk (ASX: SPA) takes centre stage in the UK with Telefonica UK (O2) partnership


  • Spacetalk announced that Telefónica UK Limited (O2) would commence sales of its Adventurer smartphone watches for kids.
  • The target launch of Adventurer is anticipated in Q1 FY22 (1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021) in O2-branded stores across the UK and online platforms.
  • Adventurer will be available on O2’s custom plans to provide customers with the flexibility to select upfront payment and the length of their Device Plan.

In another strategic move to deepen its footprint in the UK market, Spacetalk Ltd (ASX:SPA) has announced that Telefónica UK Limited (O2) had signed a commercial arrangement with Spacetalk’s UK distributor. As part of the deal, SPA will supply O2 inventory via the distributor. With this agreement, O2 will offer Spacetalk Adventurer across its UK retail stores as well as online channels.

The Company highlighted that the target launch of Adventurer smartphone watches for kids is anticipated in Q1 FY22 (from 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021) in all O2-branded stores across the UK and online.

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Furthermore, O2 is a major new distribution channel for Spacetalk. The Company will profit from O2’s customer reach. The agreement marks the first time Spacetalk will have a substantial bricks-and-mortar retail presence in the UK.

O2’s custom plans offer customers the ability to choose payment options

Spacetalk Adventurer will mark its entry into O2’s category of kids smartphone watches, with O2 backing the roll-out of SPA across all of its consumer channels.

Moreover, Adventurer will be available on O2’s custom plans which provide the ability to choose how much the customers want to pay upfront and the length of their Device Plan, selecting between 3-36 months (in one-month increments).

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O2 in a nutshell

  • O2 is the UK’s largest telecommunications services provider with over 36 million connections.
  • The network operator is a major commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited, part of the global telecommunications group Telefónica S.A.
  • O2 provides 3G, 4G and 5G services while operating a nationwide O2 Wi-Fi service.

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Management Commentary


Commenting on why O2 chose Spacetalk, Thomas Chant, O2 Head of Devices and Financing Products, stated-

Adding to this, Mark Fortunatow, CEO of Spacetalk, commented-

Spacetalk notified that the financial impact of ranging Adventurer through O2 retail and online platform is unknown at present, and there is no guaranteed or minimum level of revenue. However, SPA anticipates that the partnership will impact the Company’s total revenue in a positive manner.

On 6 July 2021, SPA shares closed at AU$0.165.

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