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January 18, 2024 07:47 AM UTC

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Silver is traditionally considered a store of wealth. People invest in silver in via bullions, coins or through accumulation plans, similar to dollar-cost averaging, where the investor makes purchases in a staggered manner.

Silver is one of the best conductors of electricity among metals. It also has unmatched thermal conductivity and possesses high optical reflectivity. These properties make it ideal for soldering electronic circuits and fabricating solar panels. Most of the silver demand, nearly 50%, comes from the industrial sector.

The auto industry consumes nearly 55Moz of silver every year in making electric connections in vehicles, including in electric vehicles.

Silver has been mined for thousands of years. The first evidence of silver dates to 3,000 BC when silver was successfully separated from lead. In ancient times, silver was primarily used for trade, silverware and jewellery, which continues to the modern era too.

Supply & Demand

The demand for silver is met through mining the metal, followed by recycling. It is mined from galena, a lead ore that contains large amounts of silver. Silver is also extracted during copper and gold mining.

Mexico, China, Peru and Australia are some of the top silver mining countries. Industrias Penoles SAB de CV (Mexico), KGHM Polska Miedz SA (Poland), Glencore Plc (Switzerland), Newmont Corp (USA) and Polymetal International Plc (Cyprus) are among the top global silver-producing companies.

The demand for silver has been on an upward trajectory. Almost half of the demand stems from the industrial sector. The push towards green energy has also had a positive impact on the demand as silver is used in making solar panels. Jewellery, silverware and bullions also contribute to the silver demand.

ASX Silver companies

Code Company Price Chg %Chg High Low Volume Mkt Cap 1 year Watchlist
29M 29METALS Ltd
AAU Antilles Gold Ltd
ADT Adriatic Metals Plc
AGD Austral Gold Ltd
AML Aeon Metals Ltd
AQI Alicanto Minerals Ltd
ARD Argent Minerals Ltd
AZS AZURE Minerals Ltd
BML Boab Metals Ltd
BSM Bass Metals Ltd
EQE EQUUS Mining Ltd
HRZ Horizon Minerals Ltd
IVR Investigator Resources Ltd
KCN Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd
KSN Kingston Resources Ltd
MKR Manuka Resources Ltd
MTH Mithril Resources Ltd
NCM Newcrest Mining Ltd
NCZ New Century Resources Ltd
OZL OZ Minerals Ltd
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several options available for making investments in silver. Some of them are:

  • Bullion & coins: Investors can buy bars of silver (99.9% pure). Governments around the world issue silver coins which can be purchased and stored.
  • Certificates: Investors can invest in gold by buying certificates, which does not involve taking the delivery of silver immediately. The certificate guarantees the delivery of the purchased quantity when desired.
  • Future & Options: Investors can trade in silver through commodity exchanges.
  • ETFs: There are several ETFs available that invest in silver. These ETFs mimic spot prices of silver. ETFs purchase physical silver and store them in highly secure vaults. The ETF route is considered as a good option for investors as they do not have to worry about physical storage and security.

Silver is known to be the best conductor of electricity. It is also a good conductor of heat. These properties make it suitable for manufacturing of solar panels. Demand for silver from the auto industry is set to increase substantially in coming years. It’s use in modern-day hybrid and battery-operated vehicles is on the rise. Fossil fuel-based vehicles are also witnessing an increase in the use of electronics, thus boosting the demand for silver.

It’s a ratio of gold price per ounce to the silver price per ounce in the same currency. Suppose gold is at US$1,800/oz and silver is trading at US$20/oz, then the Gold-Silver ratio would be 1800/20 or 90.

This ratio is used by traders to decide on taking long or short positions in gold and silver. If the ratio is too high, it could be inferred that gold prices have moved upside considerably or silver prices have dropped significantly. Based on this, investors make a call to go long in silver and short gold or vice versa.

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