Are You Looking For The 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Australia?

Are there times when you look at your screens at work and suddenly are pushed into the visual tour of places you could visit and experiences you want to add on to your life? You imagine landscapes and natural wonders that exist in our ecosystems and how you will one day cross out every to-do on that checklist in your head.

We bring to you the motivation to put in that leave requisition by taking you through a virtual tour of the land of natural wonders, exotic wildlife and architectural marvels – Australia.

Let’s one by one, unveil the land of scenic landscapes and hopping kangaroos.

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

(Image Courtesy: Wikipedia)

The Sydney Harbour bridge needs no introduction. An iconic landmark, Sydney harbor is the most visited by tourists and spans over the finest and richest natural harbours ever known to mankind.

Fondly nicknamed the Coathanger by Sydneysiders, it was founded in 1932 and offers various attractions to tourists like cycling across the bridge, climbing for breath taking views or walking with your loved ones. One can also take a ferry to enjoy the look and feel of this beautiful marvel. The location also spoils it visitors by offering a wide range of eating options with restaurants offering multiple cuisines.

2. Sydney Opera House

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The focal point of Sydney Harbour is its most iconic and recognizable landmark, the Sydney opera house. An icon for Australia, it offers a stunning and picturesque view from all four parts of the building. What makes the Sydney Opera House an architectural marvel of our times are the sails roofs which are shell shaped and catch the eye of tourists from a distance. Listed within UNESCO’s world heritage site it is a multi-venue art center of Australia.

Every year over 1500 performances take place in the Sydney Opera House attracting millions of visitors. Theatre, studio, forecourt and concert hall are all a part of this architectural wonder. Another attractive feature is the soundproof design and layout of the theatre which provides a perfect experience to the audience.

3. Bondi Beach, Sydney

(Image Courtesy:, Destination NSW)

Bondi Beach promises a beautiful walk on the pristine white-sand beach surrounding the suburb in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. One could wake up to the scenic beauty and take a dip in the waters before heading for a king-sized buffet breakfast. The white-sand beach attracts hundreds of visitors per year. One could also try out the local delectable sea-food delicacies around the Bondi beach area.


4. Great Ocean Road, Victoria

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This heritage sight stretches along the south eastern coast of Australia having a length of 243 kilometers. Being one of the most famous coastal routes in the world, it was built by soldiers of World war 1 as an ode to their fallen comrades.

Activities like Biking, swimming and scuba diving are also available for people who visit this place. Touch of wildlife, presence of flora and fauna makes it a scenic beauty and an attraction among tourists. Foxes, koalas and snakes are a regular sight, in the region. The main point of attraction however continues to be the majestic formations of limestone.

5.  Uluru, Central Australia

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The large sandstone formation which runs 3.6 kilometers in length and 1.9 kilometers in width is yet another eye catching and famous destination.

Said to be formed over 600 million years ago, it is known to be situated at the bottom of the sea at that time. Said to be over 2.5 kilometers of mass it is buried in ground and seems like an abstract set-up created by nature.

This geological wonder has become a cultural landmark and is also listed on UNESCO’s world heritage sites. A holy place for anagu tribe, this majestic wonder lies in the northern territory of the country. What actually has led to this wonder is the oxidation of iron content giving it a brilliant orange-red hue. Surrounded by ancient paintings, carvings and rock caves, the look and feel of this place will make you feel peaceful and connected to the times that were before the modern age.

6. Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

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Spreading over 1200 square kilometers, Daintree is a tropical rainforest and is habitat to several rare species of flora and insects, Daintree is also listed as a world heritage site. The accommodation options aren’t available in abundance at the Daintree rainforest hence it is highly advisable that accommodation is booked prior before heading out to this location.

7.  Fraser Island, Queensland

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Fraser Island, Queensland offers a wide range of panoramic viewpoints. Top sites in Fraser Island includes- Lake McKenzie, SS Maheno, Lake Wabby and Champagne Pools. Fraser Island is also the largest sand island in the world. Not to miss activities would include- exploring the rainforest, whale watching cruise and taking a long drive along the beach.

8. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

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The largest coral reef system in the world, the Great barrier reef one of the seven natural wonders of the world and can be seen from space.

The most popular tourist attraction in Australia and the icon of Queensland, the great barrier reef attracts over 2 million visitors every year. This coral reef system was formed by tiny microorganisms which took millions of years making it the largest coral reef system which stretches over 2300 kilometers and has around 2900 individual reef systems.

Fifteen hundred species of fish, three thousand species of molluscs, six species of sea turtles and thirty species of whales and dolphins inhabit the great barrier reef.

Activities like snorkeling and scuba diving are also the main attractions and is the best way to experiencing close view of reef system along with the exotic marine life of the great barrier reef. Cruises, submarines, the glass bottom boats and helicopters are also available for visitors.

9. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

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Tasmania’s most visited natural attraction is the Cradle Mountain. The destination is famous for its wilderness, wineries and walks. It is during the winters that the Cradle Mountain of Tasmania comes alive and throws open the whole spectrum of light and hues.

10. Kakadu National Park, Darwin

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Darwin is home to a vibrant ecosystem and receives international flights from many hubs worldwide. Top destinations in Kakadu National Park include- Ubirr, Cahil’s Crossing, Gunlom, Maguk, Nardab Lookout, Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls, to name a few.

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