Which bullish stocks might interest investors? | NZ Market Update

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Which bullish stocks might interest investors? | NZ Market Update

Having witnessed various market changes according to the dynamic world economy, there are several surprise stocks that have been trading in green.

• Genesis Energy Limited following strict emission control measures to reach goals.

• Blis Technologies Limited revealed increased revenue.

Healthcare and Energy Sectors Impacted NZX 50

• On February 24, 2021, NZX 50 ended the session in red, reflecting a decline of 0.94% to 12,282 and NZX 20 fell by 1.01% to 7,962. On the same day, NZX 10 witnessed a fall of 1.33% to 12,241. Healthcare sector fell by 2.67% and energy sector declined by 1.82%.

How New Zealanders Can Invest In Different Types Of Cryptocurrency?

• NZ investors can either buy and manage cryptocurrency themselves or invest in funds that manage digital assets on their behalf.

• Directly buying and managing cryptocurrency is easily achieved via NZ-based dealerships. Dealerships sell all the leading coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, Dogecoin, and Tether.


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