Which are the five global vaccine developers for the race against COVID-19? | NZ market update.

Vaccine development typically requires years of research, testing and additional time for large-scale manufacturing. However, this time researchers across the globe raced against the clock to develop anti-coronavirus vaccines within a year amid the pressing need for a solution.

Bitcoin Continues to Zoom, Gold Investors Left Behind?

For now, both gold and Bitcoin are complimenting each other. While gold is maintaining its shine for being a proven safe-haven asset, Bitcoin is climbing the price ladder on the back of global developments. With each uptick in Bitcoin, the safety line for many investors, especially retail investors, is expanding exponentially, making the digital asset a hard sentiment play with its high volatility whilst shifting some towards gold again. Meanwhile, gold is trading solid around USD 1,800 per ounce, providing many a perfect hedge against the large volatility in the cryptospace.

NZX 50 Ended the Session in Red: A Quick Look

On February 15, 2021, NZX 50 ended the trading session in red as there was a fall of 0.63% to 12,511 and NZX 20 declined by 0.66% to 8,114. Also, NZX 10 fell by 0.36% to 12,424. On the same day, financials sector rose by 1.94% and consumer cyclicals rose by 0.64%.



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