Why Did New Zealand’s technology firm FileInvite choose Denver as its headquarters?


  • NZ-bred company FileInvite selects Denver, Colorado, as its headquarters.
  • The Company has seen a steady revenue growth in the past four years.
  • FileInvite has raised a total amount of $NZ4.5 million for the business expansion in the US region.

In the recent past, the US has seen various financial services companies mushrooming in the region.

These financial entities are fast-tracking the adoption of digital solutions to enhance consumer experience and offer quality operation.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is none other than New Zealand-bred company, FileInvite.

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Would FileInvite gain a Strong footing in North America?

Established in New Zealand in 2015, FileInvite, a data collection platform provider, on 2 June notified the market that it had zeroed on Denver, Colorado, as its headquarters.

The Company intends to hire more people, creating nearly 140 employment opportunities, to aid its expansion plan in North America.

It has 50% of the client base in the US region, scattered in above 30 states. By choosing Denver as its headquarters, it would be able to cater to the North American users in a better manner.

Ky Hacker, Vice President of Operations, FileInvite, stated that Colorado, the US, was finalised as the Company’s headquarters after considering its good flight connectivity with the leading cities, and the region has immensely talented people.

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How Did the Company perform in FY2020?

In the financial year 2020, FileInvite noted a phenomenal revenue growth of 300%. Also, for the last four years, the Company has been consistently performing well with an above-100% increase in the revenue.

James Sampson, the Chief Executive Officer, FileInvite, opined that the market’s requirement was for simple yet effective solutions, which was fulfilled by the Company, explaining its swift progress.

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FileInvite Raised NZ$2.3 million last year

In November last year, the Company raised NZ$2.3 million, contributing to a total amount of NZ$4.5 million.

The proceeds from the fund were intended to be utilised for speeding up marketing and sales segments in the US market.

Also, in July 2020, FileInvite inked a deal with its very first US reseller known as Performance Insights. Domiciled in Arizona, it is a sales software and consultancy company. The Company boasts of clientele like Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

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Recent Achievement

In March 2021, FileInvite qualified as one of the finalists of the ‘Punakaiki Fund Hi-Tech Start-Up Company’ of the year award.

Several companies send their entries from the New Zealand’s high-technology space.

The Road Ahead

FileInvite is thrilled to introduce New Zealand’s work culture and contemporary business set-up in Denver.

The Company anticipates experiencing an amalgamation of workspace approach between New Zealand and the US. Also, the staff members working at different locations are expected to come together as one unit to the office every week for various activities like team building, project collaboration or making a crucial decision together.



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