10 hot NZX penny stocks for September 2021

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10 hot NZX penny stocks for September 2021

 10 hot NZX penny stocks for September 2021
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  • Being low priced, penny stocks continue to attract investors as they carry a great scope for growth and may yield good returns.
  • Asset Plus to distribute dividends amongst its shareholders in the second week of September.
  • Michael Hill International delivers a solid FY21 performance and would reward its investors by paying AU3.0 cps as a dividend in September.

Penny stocks have always enticed investors as they are those securities that are traded at low prices. Moreover, they allow investors to invest in a relatively large number of penny stocks as they are priced cheaply and might provide gains.

Here's a compilation of 10 popular and the most sought-after NZX-listed penny stocks worth exploring in September 2021.

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Asset Plus Limited (NZX:APL)

Asset Plus Limited is New Zealand's investment company focusing on investments related to industrial, retail, and commercial properties.

In its recently virtually held Annual Shareholder Meeting, resolutions were passed relating to the re-election of directors as well as on fixing the auditor’s remuneration.

The Company would pay a dividend of 0.450 cps, along with an imputation credit of 0.069 cps on 13 September.

At the time of writing, Asset Plus was trading flat at NZ$0.340, on 1 September.

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NZ Windfarms Limited (NZX:NWF)

NZ Windfarms Limited has recently published its sustained solid results for FY21 financial results, with PBT clocking at NZ$0.5 million and NAPT being reported at NZ$0.3 million, backed by recent strategic planning workstreams.

It would pay 0.45 cps of final dividend on 22 September, thus bringing the total FY21 dividend to 1.0 cps.

NWF anticipates an FY22 EBITDAF to be between NZ$7.8 million to NZ$8.6 million and looks forward to building a strong platform to enable its future strategy and to seek additional generation sites across the Kiwiland.

NZ Windfarms  was trading flat at NZ$0.270, on 1 September, at the time of writing.

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NZME Limited (NZX:NZM)

NZ’s integrated media company, NZME Limited, witnessed a continued digital growth as it revealed a strong half-year financial result ended 30 June 2021.

The Company’s statutory NPAT grew by 85% amounting to NZ$5.6 million and EBITDA climbed to NZ$30.1 million during the said period, bolstered by significant growth across NZM’s digital platforms.

Moreover, the Company saw a reduction in its net debt by NZ$15.2 million.

It would distribute a dividend of 3.0 cps on 22 September and would continue to maintain its growth momentum.

Shares of NZME rose by 2.11% at NZ$0.970, at the time of writing, on 1 September.

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Michael Hill International Limited (NZX:MHJ; ASX:MHJ)

Functioning as a specialty jewelry retailer, Michael Hill International Limited’s statutory NPAT stood at NZ$45.3 million for FY21 as compared to FY20’s NZ$3.1 million.

Navigating successfully through the complexities of the pandemic, the Company remained resilient and delivered solid same-store sales growth clubbed with sustained margin expansion.

Also, its EBIT stood at NZ$72.4 million and the MHJ boasts a strong balance sheet with NZ$72.4 million as its net cash position towards the year-end.

The Company would reward its customers by paying a final dividend of AU3.0 cps on 24 September, taking the full-year dividend to AU4.5 cps.

At the time of writing, Michael Hill International climbed by 1.16% at NZ$0.870, on 1 September.

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Sky Network Television Limited (NZX:SKT; ASX:SKT)

The country’s famous broadcasting company, Sky Network Television Limited, has extended its long-term relationship with WarnerMedia by signing a significant multi-year deal.

The said deal would ensure that apart from continued access to WarnerMedia’s content, Sky customers would also enjoy HBO Max content on Sky’s platforms.

Shares of Sky Network Television was trading flat at NZ$0.190 at the time of writing on 1 September.

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Me Today Limited (NZX:MEE)

Operating as a health and wellness brand, Me Today Limited manufacturers quality skincare products and supplements.

The Company is planning to organise its annual meeting of shareholders on 27 September, details of which would be intimated later.

MEE intends to pass a resolution regarding authorising its directors to fix the remuneration of its auditor, apart from other business-related issues.

On 1 September, Me Today climbed by 1.25% at NZ$0.081, at the time of writing.

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Marlin Global Limited (NZX:MLN)

Marlin Global Limited is NZ’s popular investment company. Recently, it delivered a record net profit of NZ$69.2 million for FY21, underpinned by gains on investments and the opening of global markets.

On 24 September, the Company would pay a dividend of 2.52 cps to its shareholders, with the record date being 9 September.

MLN continues to focus on seeking attractive opportunities and aims to invest in sound and healthy businesses.

Shares of Marlin Global dipped by 0.65% at NZ$1.520, at the time of writing, on 1 September.

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Marlborough Wine Estates Group Limited (NZX:MWE)

NZ’s famous producer and supplier of wines, Marlborough Wine Estates Group Limited, had delivered a solid growth in its revenue amounting to NZ$6.7 million, steered by a 41% increase in the sale of its branded wines in FY21.

The Company has deduced numerous growth opportunities and is making considerable investments in its IT, governance, and marketing fields to support its growth momentum.

On 1 September, Marlborough Wine Estates Group was trading flat at NZ$0.255, at the time of writing.

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Savor Limited (NZX:SVR)

NZ’s famous hospitality group, Savor Limited, has scheduled its Annual Meeting for 23 September.

Though the Company intends to hold a physical meeting, under the prevailing COVID-19 circumstances across the country, it may hold a virtual meeting in compliance, subject to the Government’s guidelines. 

Shares of Savor remained unchanged at NZ$0.530, on 1 September, at the time of writing.

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Allied Farmers Limited (NZX:ALF)

Allied Farmers Limited in its recently published FY21 results, reported an NPAT of NZ$2.481 million and earnings of NZ$1.15 million for the year ended 30 June 2021, majorly on account of improved performance from its livestock businesses.

It boasts a strong net cash position of about NZ$1.5 million towards the year-end.

Considering its solid performance, the board would apprise its shareholders regarding the payment of dividends in its ASM, which is going to be held in November this year.

ALF continues to evaluate new proposals and opportunities and aims to increase its market share.

On 1 September, at the time of writing, Allied Farmers was down by 1.59% at NZ$0.620.

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Bottom Line

Penny stocks, often referred to as micro stocks, are hugely popular among small investors as well as new entrants to the stock market. Being inexpensive, they might prove to be profitable. With a careful analysis, investors can invest in these micro stocks and reap the benefits.


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