Weekend wrap: Five most traded NZX-listed shares


  • Most traded stocks are the stocks on an exchange that have the highest volumes in a given time period.
  • Volume of a stock matters for an investor to make decisions on investment in the stock.
  • Sky Network, Precinct Properties, and a2 Milk were the 3 most traded stocks of the day.

Most traded stocks are those stocks that have traded the most with high volumes in a specific period of time. The most frequent used time period is a single trading day. Stocks can witness high trading volumes than normal when any new market announcement or information affects the price and the momentum of the stock.

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Let’s skim through the most active stocks on Friday.

Sky Network Television Limited (NZX:SKTASX:SKT)

Sky Network was the most traded stock of the day, noting a trading volume of 7,478,497. On 27 August, SKT ended the trading session higher by 1.84% at $0.166.

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On 27 August, the Group announced that Sky and WarnerMedia announced a major multi-year deal where customers will get access to programming that involves core brands. Kiwis will also have access to HBO Max content on the company’s platform.

Precinct Properties New Zealand Limited (NZX:PCT)

Precinct was the second most active stock of the day. It reported a high trading volume of 4,764,732 on Friday. On 27 August, PCT ended the trading session lower by 0.29% at $1.695.

PCT had a good FY21 performance, with net property income rising 27.9% to $124.4 million and net asset value per share rising to $1.52. PCT experienced significant leasing demand for office buildings, and the Group's portfolio continues to benefit from excellent occupiers and good occupancy levels.

PCT will issue a 1.625cps Q4 dividend on 24 September 2021.

The a2 Milk Company Limited (NZX: ATMASX:A2M)

The a2 Milk was the third most active stock on Friday, noting trading volumes of 3,875,920. On 27 August, ATM ended the trading session lower by 3.94% at $6.09.

Due to COVID-19-related delays and the fast-changing China baby feeding industry, the company's net profit fell by 79.1% to $80.7 million in FY21. The milk company had a lot of demand and supply fluctuations during the period that resulted in a lot of surplus inventory.

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The baby formula company is considering a rethink of its expansion strategy to react to altering market dynamics in China while also rebalancing its channel inventory.

New Talisman Gold Mines Limited (NZX:NTL)

New Talisman Gold Mines was also amongst the most traded stocks of the day. On 27 August, NTL ended the trading session flat at $0.003.

On 26 August, NTL stated that it has got many queries from the NZ Shareholders Association with respect to the 2021 annual report.

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FMA has filed civil High Court trials against NTL’s CEO for suspected market manipulation through anonymous posts on an investment forum. To this, NTL has responded that it had previously complained to the site’s operator about the lack of moderation and did not comment further.

Kiwi Property Group Limited (NZX:KPG)

Kiwi Property was also amongst the most active stocks on Friday, reporting a trading volume of 2,471,952. On 27 August, KPG ended the trading session up 0.87% at $1.165.

KPG announced this month that the final quotation date for the KPG010 bonds was 20 August 2021. Before the suspension of bonds, the final trading day for these bonds was 6 August.

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