Business news that sparked interest in NZ market today 


  • In a recent media briefing, the NZ Govt confirmed the emergence of 74 new COVID-19 cases.
  • Restriction in Waikato to be relaxed from midnight, 27 October.
  • The a2 Milk Company is considering expanding its infant milk formula products for reaching out to a broader consumer base.

As the Kiwi nation ends another day, let us quickly skim through the latest happenings around the country.

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Delta variant continues to spread in Auckland

COVID-19 cases seem to spiral up in the Kiwi land. As per the latest updates, a total of 74 new cases have been detected today, 68 in Auckland and the rest in Waikato.

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Level 3 restrictions in Waikato to ease tonight

Restrictions have been eased in certain parts of Waikato from midnight, 27 October. Schools are likely to reopen from 15 November onwards in a staged manner.

People would be able to meet for outdoor gatherings with a maximum number of 10 people.

The a2 Milk to expand its infant products

The a2 Milk Company Limited (NZX:ATM; ASX:A2M) is considering expanding its range of infant milk formula products to attract a broader range of consumers so as to recover from COVID-19-related setbacks.

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In a recent update, ATM has provided a five-year plan to grow its sales to over NZ$2 billion, wherein it plans to innovate and expand its portfolio in order to maximise its distribution potential.

Auckland just 10,000 jabs short of achieving the 90% target

Auckland is now just 10,000 vaccines away from getting 90% of its eligible population inoculated with the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

If it continues at the same pace, soon the city will move into the new traffic light system, thus helping the nation to do away with alert levels.

New Te Pou Tupua appointments

The NZ government has announced the appointment of new Te Pou Tupua, namely Keria Ponga and Turama Hawira.

The two will perform the role for the next three years and will work together with iwi interests in the Whanganui River and the community.

Govt backs nation’s medicinal cannabis industry

Damien O’Connor, NZ’s Agriculture Minister, has disclosed that in order to give a boost to the country’s medicinal cannabis industry and its exports, the Government was supporting an innovative research and development programme.

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The three-year programme, SFF Futures, i.e., the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund, is contributing around NZ$760,000 to the NZ$1.9 million for establishing cutting-edge medical cannabis cultivation practices.

Public feedback being sought by Govt for three waters services

The NZ Government is seeking public feedback on regulatory measures so as to ensure that both consumers, as well as communities, get three waters services for meeting their requirements.

Hence, in order to ensure affordable and effective infrastructure for the same, the Government plans to design new laws based on a public consultation, which is open till 20 December.



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