This holiday season, gift your loved ones cryptos

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This holiday season, gift your loved ones cryptos

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  • As a crypto aficionado, you can share your passion with your friends and family.
  • This holiday season, gifting a cryptocurrency is also an option.
  • From wallets to NFTs, there are a plethora of digital gift alternatives to choose from.

As crypto mania sweeps the world, why not introduce your friends and family to the world of cryptocurrencies. This holiday season, you can give them crypto as a gift.

After all, with all the new promises and developments the crypto world is presenting to its investors every day, giving digital currency instead of physical gifts in Christmas or the new year may lead to a windfall of money in the future. And, therefore, nothing beats cryptos as a gift this festive season. Afterall, it is one of the most prized possessions of 2021.

Here are a few options you can think of as gifts.

Paper Wallets

Are you familiar with the term "Paper Wallet"? It may assist you in gifting Bitcoins to friends or family members. It's a pretty simple process because it's printed on physical paper. Wallets contain all of the required data for utilising and spending Bitcoins. can assist you in making your dream buy a reality.

Gift Cards and E-Cards

You may purchase a crypto gift card. Cards can easily be mailed to the physical address of a recipient.

BitGreet provides a service that enables you to send Bitcoin-based Christmas e-cards. Individuals will be able to select their preferred design from a variety of options.

Physical Coins

Casascius physical Bitcoins are one of the community's favourite coins. Older versions are also available on eBay if desired.

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Gifting NFTs as souvenirs

NFTs have generated a lot of buzz in recent months. An NFT is simply a digital file with ownership rights that is frequently purchased with a cryptocurrency, most notably through Ethereum.

Tweets or autographs of any celebrities, videos, songs, digital artwork, GIFs, collectibles, and movie posters in the form of NFTs are good options to choose from. For example, Disney animated characters like Iron Man, Elsa, Simpson, Anna, C-3PO and Wall-E as NFT gifts can be given to friends and family.


Do you have a Disney-obsessed little sister who adores fairies? Why not surprise your younger sister with a gift of Elsa and Anna? Your sister will undoubtedly love it.

Is your younger brother a fan of action movies? This holiday season, you may give him Iron Man.


Is your acquaintance or a member of your family a sports fan? Then Asics, the first sporting company to enter the NFT arena, can be your first stop on your way to the NFT gift hunt. With the Sunrise Red shoe, Asics wanted to bridge the gap between digital and physical for brands.

Team GB

Is your brother or father a sports fan? Then why not give them some Tokyo Olympics-related collectibles? Team GB has adopted NFTs in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Your loved ones will undoubtedly like the metaverse, where they may interact with the Olympic squad without physically being present.


Is there a football fan in your family? The National Basketball League is a great way to introduce them to the realm of the metaverse.

Bottom line

Are you a crypto aficionado who wants to share your passion with your friends and family? Don't waste any time. Why not put in some extra effort this holiday season and do a fantastic job? Put a smile on your family and friends' faces this holiday season by gifting them some cryptocurrency and NFTs.

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