2 TSX value stocks to buy under $25: Manulife (MFC) and Lundin (LUN)

These under-25 TSX value stocks could offer steady dividend income and provide long-term value gains to investors. Let us discuss about them in detail

2 TSX undervalued stocks to buy in a bear market: GSY & BNS

The S&P/TSX Composite Index is down 10.7 per cent YTD, and many stocks have significantly lost their value over the past few months.

2 TSX value stocks to buy and hold right now - BRP (DOO) and GSY

Value-focused investors could explore these TSX stocks (presently available at discounted prices) to derive significant value in the long run.

2 TSX value stocks to add to your portfolio in July: CSU and MG

These TSX value stocks have provided significant returns to their investors in the last 10 years.

TFII and CIX: 2 Canadian value stocks to ease recession worries

TSX value stocks like TFI International (TSX: TFII) and CI Financial (TSX: CIX) can be explored for long term amid mounting recession worries.

Understanding undervalued stocks and where to find them

Paying C$ 50 for a thing that actually has a higher worth, say C$ 70, can be a bargain deal. Likewise, in the equity investment world, investors often hunt for such undervalued stocks, and this approach is known as value investing. However, spotti...

HE, CVO, MPVD, KEI & PMT: 5 TSX value stocks to guard from market storm

Highlights The TSX Composite Index is a commodity heavy index and has lost just under four per cent year-to-date One way of gauging value stocks is the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio These stocks have low P/E ratios of under one The year s...

OTEX, MG and POW: Should you buy these 3 TSX value stocks in May?

Highlights Some investors are turning toward value stocks amid market sell-offs and changes in policy rates aimed to quell inflation. Value stocks are generally undervalued stocks (compared to their intrinsic value) and can offer deep profits t...

Cielo (CMC) & FirstService (FSV): 2 value stock for Canadians

Highlight Inflationary pressure is driving up the volatility in the market, with consumers paying higher prices. Plus, the delayed interest rate hike, which is expected to happen in March, appears to have caused frazzled investors to move away ...

Magna International (MG) & Birchcliff (BIR): 2 TSX value stocks to buy

  Investors on the lookout for gains amid the uncertain market situation induced by the Omicron surge, interest rate hikes, and inflationary pressure may look at quality value stocks. Quality value stocks can offer investors returns when the ...