Will SmartMetrics introduce Biometric Credit Cards in 2022?

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Will SmartMetrics introduce Biometric Credit Cards in 2022?

*It is estimated that only 16% of families residing in the US held a bank card in 1970, this increased to more than two-thirds in 1998, according to the Federal Reserve's Surveys of Consumer Finances. Credit cards can be linked to the widening pay gap that exists now and started back in the 1970’s. *Based on global research there are almost 11 billion EMV chip based cards issued around the world. *According to their recent press release, Smart Metric’s product outshines other biometric cards, as it does not need the card user to visit a bank branch to have their fingerprint stored on their new biometric card. *SmartMetric had the nouse to foresee the global adoption of credit and debit cards with chips and advanced on it by developing a biometric fingerprint scanner


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