Tech Beat || How to keep your devices safe from Spyware like Pegasus?

Here is the another show of kalkine TV name as Tech Beat .It is one-stop-shop for the latest from the world of tech - each week we will cover the latest tech news, reviews, product launches, insights from tech experts and tech innovators.

• Twitter introduces a new feature for iOS users, we also take a look into the world of artificial intelligence.

• Pegasus is a spyware developed by a private contractor for use by government agencies. It infects a target’s phone and sends back data, including photos, messages, and audio or video recordings.

• The developer of Pegasus is an Israeli company called the NSO Group, who according to their website create technologies that assist government agencies to prevent On the surface that sounds fine.

• Last year, Twitter's chief product officer Kayvon Beykpour confirmed that Twitter was “exploring” the idea of adding a dislike button to the app. Now Twitter is testing a way to downvote replies on iOS.

• Artificial intelligence will now be used to predict the shape of every protein expressed in the human body. London based AI company ,DeepMind, has completed research which used its AlphaFold algorithm to build the most complete and accurate database of the human proteome.





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