Hyundai Motor Company and IonQ

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Hyundai Motor Company and IonQ

Hyundai Motor Company and IonQ a leading trapped-ion quantum computing company, announced a strategic partnership developing variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) algorithms. These aid in the study of lithium compounds involved in battery chemistry. This type of Quantum-powered chemistry simulation has the potential to enhance the quality of next-generation lithium batteries. The advancements will improve the devices’ charge and discharge cycles, as well as their durability, capacity and safety. The partnership pairs IonQ’s expertise in quantum computing and Hyundai’s expertise in lithium batteries. This research, the most advanced into battery chemistry model developed on quantum computers, has the potential to produce resources for the critical progress required to reduce existing cost and time restraints of battery production. With Lithium ion batteries typically being the most expensive electric vehicle car part. 


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