Shooting for the Sky: Spacetalk extends partnership with Sky UK for Adventurer sales

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Shooting for the Sky: Spacetalk extends partnership with Sky UK for Adventurer sales

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 Shooting for the Sky: Spacetalk extends partnership with Sky UK for Adventurer sales
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  • Spacetalk announced that Sky UK Limited is expanding its Spacetalk product suite by initiating sales of its flagship Adventurer smartphone watch for kids.
  • The device launch is expected in Q1 FY2022 (between 1 July and 30 September 2021) and will be available for sale across all Sky kiosks, shops and online.
  • The ASX listed technology player (ticker: SPA) highlighted the UK launch follows the solid performance of Adventurer sales in Australia since launching in December 2020
  • Spacetalk anticipates its retail partnership with Sky will have a direct positive impact on its total revenue.

Committed to revving up its global market expansion strategy, Spacetalk Ltd (ASX:SPA) has further strengthened its presence in the UK via an expanded deal with Sky UK Limited. The UK-based telecommunications company is expanding its range of Spacetalk products available through Sky retail in the UK.

Sky retail will commence sales of next-generation Adventurer smartphone watches across all Sky shops and kiosks in the UK as well as online. The launch is expected in the first quarter of FY2022 (1 July to 30 September 2021).

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Source: SPA Update, 30 June 2021

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Sky UK expands its suite of SPA products

The commitment of the partners to further develop the category of kids smartphone watches in the UK is driven by the category’s growing mass-market appeal.

Looking at the category’s exponential growth, Sky has expanded its collection of Spacetalk smartphone watches by ranging the next generation Adventurer to achieve greater consumer awareness as a go-to-destination in the fast-growing category of connected smartphone watches for kids.

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Spacetalk’s flagship product - Adventurer

Spacetalk Adventurer is the next generation 4G smartphone watch for kids aged 5-12 years. The Company launched Adventurer in December 2020 in Australia an opportune time in light of Christmas sales.

SPA highlighted that Adventurer’s UK launch follows its robust performance in the Australian market. In the first six months since its launch, Adventurer sales shot up considerably, making it SPA’s flagship product. Adventurer exceeded the original Spacetalk Kids device unit sales in ANZ during the period.

In the UK, Spacetalk first launched with Sky in late 2019. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic-related challenges in the retail industry, Spacetalk’s brand awareness has grown, and sales have gone up.

With the UK allowing the reopening of non-essential retail stores earlier this year, Sky has reopened its stores. Moreover, Sky has been investing in new and high-profile flagship openings, on the back of burgeoning excitement and an anticipated bounce-back in consumer confidence.

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Commenting on this, Mark Fortunatow, CEO of Spacetalk, said-

The Company notified that the financial impact of selling Adventurer via Sky platform is unknown at present, and there is no guaranteed or minimum level of revenue. However, SPA believes that the retail partnership with Sky will impact the company’s total revenue in a positive way.

As a fast-growing developer of wearables devices, Spacetalk is well-positioned to spearhead the rapidly developing market for wearables, which is witnessing an exponential growth in demand and sales.

On 30 June 2021, SPA shares closed at AU$0.155, up 3.333%.

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