Online games, the new child’s play

While Australia has yet not opened up, it is young ones who are suffering the most. With little or no option to play outside, online or video games are the only entertainment left. Children are taking breaks from online classes and switching into the world of online games. However, this has increased screen time and is affecting their postures and eyesight.

While gaming does have its downsides, it is not as bad as you think. Nowadays, games are prepared while keeping in mind some basic education lessons and at times help teach team building. Kids also learn losing is not an end, and after losing, there could be a restart of things all over again. Gaming is believed to improve creativity along with motor and social skills in children.

But not all games are suitable for your little ones. Are you confused about what’s best for your child? As an attempt to clear your doubts in this article, we cover for you-

  • Types of online games for kids
  • 10 online kid’s games
  • 5 gaming sites to engage your kids
  • 5 Benefits of gaming in children

Types of online games for kids-

Online games can be classified into various categories. A few types of online games developed especially for kids are-

kids games Australia, Online games for kids, Lego, Arcade games, Adventure games 

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While Logic Puzzles can put a child’s brain to work, Arcade games can keep them intrigued. Find and guess games can develop an understanding of patterns. Likewise, build and make games can give them the creative bend. Besides, adventure games offer kids the much needed happiness dopamine, if it involves two or more players, can even help them with their social interaction needs. 

All of these categories mentioned above have hundreds of games available on Google play store and iOS. You can easily download on an ipad or your mobile and let your child explore. Wait! Wondering what’s the best? Try starting with the list below. 

10 online kid’s games -




Switch Zoo

Mix and match animal game

Wild Life

Wildlife adventure game


Social sketching game

Shopkins World vacation

World tour game using game money

Heartlake Rush

 Role play mission game


Build and make category games

Peter Rabbit Run

Adventure game

Pop Tropica

Role playing game


Reading and phonetics game

Danger Days

Adventure survival game

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Other than the above, there are other goods games from the British Council, Nasa, Nickelodeon and Disney, which you can explore online. You can choose the best as per your young one’s interest area. For now, let us tell you,

5 well known gaming sites that can be used to engage your kids-

Game sites


Mighty Kingdom Games

Nickelodeon Australia

Australia Geography Games


Games ABC kids

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While the Mighty Kingdom has a variety of games, Mathletics and Australia Geography belong to the educational games niche. Almost all of the above game sites as well as other game developers, target a child’s creative side or attempt to attract their parents with an interactive approach to build intelligence. Wondering how games can develop intelligence? Oh, it is not just intelligence, but gaming can help little ones with a lot more! So, let us see some benefits kids can get from online gaming. 

5 Benefits of gaming in children-

Gamer kids develop the following skills earlier than their peer group-

  • Social Skills- children learn to interact online and on voice over internet calls.
  • Better listening- hearing interactive game stories makes them better listeners.
  • Motor Skills- Hand-eye coordination helps them develop motor skills.
  • Problem solving ability- is developed with puzzles and quizzes.
  • Educational benefits- of recognizing and remembering things quicker. 

Now, let your kids explore the world of gaming. You never know they might own the next Nintendo or Lego. Gaming can even make your kid the next Walt Disney, who made the best use of his creativity to mint millions of dollars. Well, you must have definitely heard of ASX listed Mighty kingdom, built by Australian computer genius and dreamer gamer duo Jindou Lee and Philip Mayes.

Disclaimer-Kalkine Media certifies that it has no commercial or business relationship with the entities mentioned herein and has not been offered any incentive/ compensation from them to write this article.





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