7 socially responsible ETFs to keep in mind


  • SPDR Select Sector Fund - Financial (ARCX: XLF) ETF’s expense ratio is 0.12%, and it rose 47% in one year.
  • iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE ETF (NASD: DMXF) has an expense ratio of 0.12%. The price increased by 24% in one year. 
  • Invesco DWA Utilities Momentum ETF (NASD: PUI) expense ratio is 0.60%, and the dividend yield is 2.12%. 

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance in business. Some companies are ESG conscious and factor in these aspects while running their business besides seeking to profit. Currently, many activities are happening on the environmental front, and the governments are also putting in their efforts to fight gender issues, human rights, child labor, workforce diversity, etc.

Amid the growing awareness of companies on the goals of ESG, various exchange-traded funds also have emerged, allowing investors to earn money and help contribute to these efforts.

Here we explore seven ETFs that have 8 out of 10 ESG scores on etfdb.com.

SPDR Select Sector Fund - Financial (ARCX: XLF) mainly invests in the financial sector, including commercial banks, capital markets, Insurance, real estate, etc. Its inception date is December 16, 1998. XLF tracks Financial Select Sector Index and has over 60 holdings. 

It has an AUM of US$38,837,782 and an expense ratio of 0.12%. Its market capitalization is US$30.99 billion, the dividend yield is 1.6%, and an annualized dividend is US$0.578.

The ETF has a 20-day and 65-day average volume of 56,670,762 and 54,145,352, respectively. The highest and lowest price in the last 52-week is US$38.60 and US$22.94, sequentially.

The stock price rose 47% in one year at the closing price of US$35.11 on July 19, 2021.

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Invesco Global Water ETF (NASD: PIO) has exposure to the companies operating in water industries. These companies provide water utilities, infrastructure, and water equipment & materials.

This ETF was launched in June 2007, and it has an expense ratio of 0.75%. Its current dividend yield is 1.47%, and an annualized dividend is US$0.5882. 

Its 20-day average volume is 24,765, and its 65-day average volume is 20,738. PIO’s total assets under management (AUM) is US$297,822. It tracks Nasdaq OMX Global Water Index and has over 40 holdings in the portfolio.

The 52-week highest price was US$40.89, and the lowest was US$30.35.

The stock price grew 31% in one year and closed at US$40.0 on July 19, 2021.

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WisdomTree International LargeCap Dividend Fund (ARCX: DOL) invests in dividend-paying stocks in developed markets outside of the US and Canada. DOL tracks Wisdom tree international large-cap dividend index. 

It was launched in June 2016 and currently has a market capitalization of US$298,411,390. The expense ratio is 0.48%. The ETF pays a quarterly dividend and has paid the most recent dividend on June 29 for US$0.595. It has nearly 270 holdings and US$362,080 worth of assets under management.

DOL’s 20-day average volume is 17,005, and 65-day average volume is 13,389. The highest price touched in 52-week is US$51.49, and the lowest is US$39.20.

Its stock price increased to US$48.54 at the closing of July 19, 2021, with a 14% growth in one year.

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iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE ETF (NASD: DMXF) tracks MSCI EAFE choice ESG screened Index. It has more than 520 holdings in the portfolio and has an expense ratio of 0.12%.

DMXF was launched in June 2020. It has US$182,048 worth of assets under management. The dividend yield is 1.89%, and the annualized dividend is US$1.2517.

The highest price in 52-week was US$69.82, and the lowest was US$53.03. The average volume for 20-day and 65-day was 16,685 and 21,329, respectively.

DMXF’s share price rose nearly 24% in one year at the closing price of US$66.26 on July 19, 2021.

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Invesco International BuyBack Achievers ETF (NASD: IPKW) invests in non-US companies that have repurchased a considerable amount of their stock. IPKW portfolio consists of around 70 holdings, majorly in large and mid-cap stocks.   

The fund inception date is March 06, 2014. It has US$133,800 assets under management and an expense ratio of 0.55%. IPKW annualized dividend is US$0.7808, and the current dividend yield is 1.79%. 

It touched the highest price at US$47.14 and the lowest at $30.17 in the past 52-weeks. The 20-day average volume is 31,480, significantly higher than the 65-day average volume of 18,844, showing increased activity recently. The share price showed a growth of around 44% in one year at the closing price of US$43.525 on July 19, 2021.

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Invesco DWA Utilities Momentum ETF (NASD: PUI) invests in utility company stocks in the US. Utilities are the core businesses. These companies’ stocks are less volatile and generally offer a high dividend yield. It has around 40 holdings in the portfolio and tracks the DWA utility technical leader index.

The inception date for the ETF is October 26, 2005. It has assets worth US$45,900 under management, and the expense ratio is 0.60%. 

PUI’s current dividend yield is 2.12%, and the annualized dividend is US$0.7003.

The fund touched the highest price of US$34.95 and the lowest of US$28.29 in 52-weeks. The average volume is 3,960 for 20-days and 4,479 for 65-days.

Its stock price increased by 9% in one year and closed at US$33.02 on July 19, 2021.

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First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index (NASD: GRID) invests in companies that are engaged in operating & maintaining electric grids, networks, electric meters and devices, energy storage, and enabling software for the infrastructure sector.

Its expense ratio is 0.70%, and its inception date is November 17, 2009. The ETF has an AUM of US$420,026, a dividend yield of 1.51% and pays an annualized dividend of US$1.3572.

The ETF gained 51% in one year and closed at US$90.04 on July 19, 2021.

Please note: The above constitutes a preliminary view, and any interest in stocks/cryptocurrencies should be evaluated further from an investment point of view.