Futura Medical PLC

  • Dec 16, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
Futura Medical PLC

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Futura Medical PLC is an innovative research and development firm. They have been able to develop an advanced transdermal technology which they have been able to patent and is called DermaSys which is their registered product. Which is why they are well known and renowned experts in transdermal delivery.

Their primary and focal product is the MED2005 for treating erectile dysfunction. It is expected to cross a one billion dollars in sales and is currently under clinical trial in its third phase. Listed on the LSE, the company is based out of Guildford in the United Kingdom.

Their approach is to build a portfolio of innovative and diversified products for two major market areas, namely sexual health and late stage pain. Post achieving a breakthrough with their products they look forward to partnerships which would include optimally collaborating with major high value pharmaceutical companies and brands that help them produce the maximum returns and deliver the highest value.

Business Model

Their business model revolves around four basic and most important resources that act as four pillars for their strategy and direction. These are expertise, outsourcing, impact and market dynamics. An interplay between these helps them create optimal value. These also help them deliver maximum value to all their stakeholders i.e their patients, shareholders as well as their employess, who they consider a very crucial part of their model.

Outsourcing- Their research and development and expertise together orchestrate a lean operating model. They use in house expertise for Clinical Development, Regulatory and Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) to lead and direct their strategy. This helps them co-ordinate and plan out the outsourcing of their key activities.

Expertise- The basis of this is their proven and well known Innovative products and procedures. They focus on reformulation expertise which helped to optimize delivery of molecules. This in turn ensures a fast paced, timely and targeted delivery. Minimization of any ancillary effects is also their focus.

Impact-This involves understanding the needs of their patients. In erectile dysfunction patients generally look for a rapid acting and well tolerated treatment. They wish to bring back intimacy and spontaneity in their relationships with their partners. For this, the current prevalent treatments do not quite cater to the needs of many of the erectile dysfunction patients.

Market Dynamics- Under this they continuously attempt to understand their markets. They consider MED2005 to be their lead asset MED2005. They also have a well-positioned pipeline that helps them take advantage of the market dynamics and  cater to the needs and demands from patients and consumers for a higher quality of life.


They follow a well laid out strategy in line with their vision and mission that is based on four strong pillars:

Invest- Currently they are investing in their prime product MED2005. The intention behind the rigorous efforts and investment in this product is in line with one of their goals of maximizing returns for shareholders. Their focus is currently on completing the first Phase 3 trial which is clinical and they are then preparing for another trial for Increasing Futura and ME2005’s profile in the investment groups and medical communities.

Innovate- They are open to new ideas and their teams constantly work to innovate and reach a breakthrough with their research with an aim of serving the community. They channelize their efforts and resources onwards highly differentiated and segregated yet bundled products in their niche markets. Their focus lies in delivery of headline stats and data on the Phase three first trial which would be a clinical one for their focal product the MED2005.

Improve- Their strategies are also focused to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and flow of treatments. The agenda and the drive is to provide their patients with a wider choice and scope of alternatives for a particular treatment which ultimately improves the quality and longevity of their life. Especially those suffering from ED and local pain. They also aim to provide the doctor community with improvised process and alternatives for treatments. Their focus is on improving clinical trial programme. They are also focusing on improving the commercial aspects and proposals which will be devoid of risk post the availability of the headline Phase 3 stats.

Increase- Their focal point is their agenda is to maximize returns and value for their shareholders along with their relentless efforts to improve the life of their patients. They are focusing on increasing the portfolio of MED2005. This is being done by continuous work on increasing its value for its unique commercial proposal for its potential commercial parties who would want to partner with them. This is will with the expected readout trial data and stats to out license their MED2005.


James Barder - Chief Executive: James Barder is the chief executive of the company. He advises the Committee on Remuneration and the Committee on Nominations. He has overall responsibility for all of the Group's activities, is a key contact for shareholder and investor relationships and leads business negotiations. He brings with himself over twenty five years of experience in setting up, running and managing the operations of various companies.

He is supported by a team of passionate and driven executives. Under the guidance of him and his team, the company has expanded in scope over these years.

Core Business

Their core strength lies in our capacity for transdermal delivery research and development.The advanced engineering, experience and know-how of Futura enables targeted and rapid delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to the appropriate site of action through the body. They take off-patent, generic molecules and provide enhancements on existing products or create new indications with strong business potential. This ensures that their goods in their markets are highly differentiated while reducing the uncertainties that are normally associated with the development of new molecules.

DermaSys – Their Patented Technology

DermaSys ® delivers active pharmaceutical ingredients at therapeutic levels to the appropriate site of action rapidly and targeted locally. DermaSys ® is a flexible and tailor-made device that can be customized to the particular active compound and therapeutic indication being used.

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