5 Crypto Debuts to Watch Out for in 2022

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5 Crypto Debuts to Watch Out for in 2022

 5 Crypto Debuts to Watch Out for in 2022
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  • The crypto market was driven by the growth of NFTs, Metaverse and meme-based tokens which increased the crypto market cap to US$3 trillion.
  • Several new crypto projects are already being lined up for release in 2022.

Cryptocurrencies in 2021 have seen explosive growth. The growth was largely driven by the likes of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Metaverse and meme-based tokens which increased the crypto market cap to US$3 trillion. Bitcoin and other cryptos have also seen significant highs with many achieving their all-time highs (ATH) in 2021.

The year 2021 also saw the debate over crypto regulations across the world. Various regulators feel that in such a volatile market, protecting investors’ rights is critical and only regulations can help the crypto market operate in an organised manner where the investors can contest their claims in a more realistic manner.

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Many experts believe that 2022 can be a great year of cryptos such as Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, Polkadot, and others. In addition, many more might come on board and can chart a remarkable journey.

Let’s look at 5 promising crypto debuts of 2022.

  1. Ouro (OGS) coin

Ouro is an upcoming initial coin offering (ICO), which is expected be launched on 3 January. Ouro will be operating on Binance Smart Chain protocol. Using peer-to-pool swaps, the OGS aims to be an inflation-proof store of value, which is backed by crypto assets that are stored in a pool.

OGS will be the native token of Ouro. In a Reserve Pool, when we get a yield from an asset, in the Reserve Pool, it is used to develop liquidity for the trading pairs. Besides, the yield can be utilized for token burns.

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  1. RaceFi

As the name suggests, RaceFi is a NFT play-to-earn racing ecosystem wherein the players can race or hold collectibles from the racing tracks. Solana’s first AI/ML racing game, the players can play at the same time earn in the RaceFi metaverse or own in-game property.

In RaceFi, the gamers can either play in Player vs Player mode (PvP) or Player vs Environment (PvE) mode. The users stand a chance to win RCOIN and at the same time collect points. As the games reach to the next level, the player with the higher ranking will be awarded and they will get a chance to upgrade cars with add-on benefits of battle mode.

  1. DIEM

Well, this is something that META (formerly known was Facebook) would love to see the light of the day. Diem is the most ambitious blockchain-backed project of the social media giant, which is developed by the Diem Association.

In the past, DIEM has run into regulatory troubles as many regulators have taken a grim view of the stablecoins. Previously called Libra, the company had rebranded it as Diem in 2020. Facebook has been aggressive about cryptocurrencies and it is reflected with the Meta rebranding and the Novi Wallet trials. Now we could perhaps see the much-awaited debut of Diem in 2022. But first foremost it would need to resolve the issues surrounding it.

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  1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is yet another crypto on the horizon. Although the presale has started, which would end in February 2022, and it could be one of the closely watched cryptos. As an innovative platform, the Lucky Block aims to be an investor-friendly crypto, which safeguards them from scams. Out of every transaction that is made through the Lucky Block platform 4% is contributed to the Lottery Pool, 3% to the NFT & Gaming Royalty and 1% is used for token burns.

  1. Polygonum

Polygonum (POG) is another play-to-earn game, where the players can use token to buy and trade in-game objects, create their own regions etc. The game, which is set in an open environment has three zones – the PvP, PvE, and FARM. It is dubbed as a DeFi game with Crypto, NFT Marketplace and Open World, all in one place and will be available on PancakeSwap. While PGO will be the governance token, Skill Point (SP) will be the in-game token.

5 Crypto Debuts to Watch Out for in 2022

Good times ahead

Many market experts have predicted that in 2022 the crypto world will grow bigger and stronger with the rise of Metaverse, DAO and NFTs. With the crypto adoption increasing, we can expect only new cryptos being launched, but also them seeing a healthy run in 2022. The first three to four months are traditionally good months for crypto markets and the experts would be hoping that it doesn’t go into a prolonged bearish phase, which pulled the market momentum significantly in 2021.


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