Stocks to watch amid record-low consumer confidence

• Last month’s figures were the lowest figures since record began in 1974, and consumer confidence has continued to stay close to the lowest point on record this month.

Millions struggling to keep their bellies full amid cost-of-living squeeze

The Which? survey further revealed that approximately 85% of UK households purchase food items on promotion.

New data claims 50 pubs closing every month: Which stocks to watch?

Highlights:,Amid rising inflationary pressures, 50 pubs are downing their shutters in England and Wales, a new analysis has revealed.,Between June-end and September, 150 pubs were either demolished or turned into offices and homes.,The hospitality sector ...

UK's economy may not recover to pre-COVID levels before 2024

Highlights:,The current challenges have prompted experts to predict that the UK economy may not return to pre-pandemic levels before 2024.,This indicates that economic growth may be restricted until the next general elections.,UK households and businesses...

UK high street revival slackens amid cost-of-living crisis

As per retail analysts Springboard, footfall moved higher by only 6.8% on last September.

Retail spending likely to slump in 'golden quarter': Stocks to eye

UK shoppers are expected to spend £4.4bn less on non-essentials items during the Christmas period.

Consumers borrowed an extra £1.1bn last month

The yearly growth for all consumer credit and credit card borrowing remained unaffected at 7.0% and 12.9%, respectively.

Airline stocks in focus as half-term getaway flights get costlier

Highlights:,Flights for the week-long half-term getaways are about 42% costlier than the pre-pandemic period on average.,The rise is said to be caused by soaring fuel costs, pent-up demand, and airport passenger caps.,With,flight cancellations,already rui...

Shoppers face record-high food inflation

From last month’s 9.3%, food price inflation jumped to 10.6%.

People are cutting social activities amid the cost-of-living squeeze

Amid the spiraling cost of living squeeze, the social lives of people are getting impacted.