NPH, POT, SPN: 3 port stocks to watch as borders open up

The global trade forecast has been lowered by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) The lower forecast is due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict Governments and multilateral organisations must work to restore some trade momentum, says the world trade bod

MFT, FRE, MOV: How will rising inflation impact these transportation stocks?

The transport industry is feeling the pain of inflation more than other New Zealand industries Along with increasing fuel costs, labour shortages are also adding to the woes While costs are going up, revenues are not rising

SPN, STU, MHM- 3 industrial stocks to explore in July 2022

Industrial stocks are vital for the nation’s overall growth, particularly its economic development. SPN, STU and MHM are a few of NZ’s industrial stocks.

MFT, MOV, FRE: Transportation stocks in focus as fuel costs surge

  • Jul 11, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Road freight transport industry of NZ is facing huge cost pressures amid rising fuel costs and customers denying higher payments.

NPH, SPN, POT- 3 NZX port stocks to explore in July 2022

NPH, SPN, and POT are renowned NZX port stocks, facilitating the movement of goods and services both across the domestic as well as international markets.

SKL, STU, NPH: 3 NZX-listed industrial stocks to watch this month

Industrial stocks form the backbone of an economy These include companies that manufacture machinery, tools or industrial products NZ has several industrial companies listed on the NZX

MFT, MOV, POT: Stocks in news as Govt eyes Wellington's transport revamp

  • Jun 29, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

NZ Government has announced that it would go ahead with the light rail network and a new Mt Victoria tunnel as its choice. The plan is part of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) project,

MFT, FRE, MOV-3 NZX logistic stocks making the headlines

Logistic companies play a crucial role in supply chains and ensure improved inventory management.

AIR, AIA: 2 aviation stocks in news as Air NZ plans more routes in July

  • Jun 28, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Air NZ is planning to begin its operations on 14 more international routes in July, Air NZ and Auckland International airport are 2 aviation stocks listed on NZX.

SKL, NPH, FRE: 3 NZX industrial stocks to watch out for in 2022

Apart from supporting the economic growth of a nation, industrial stocks help in the expansion of trade and commerce.