What is SMSF residential property loan and how can SMSF Loan Experts help?

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What is SMSF residential property loan and how can SMSF Loan Experts help?

 What is SMSF residential property loan and how can SMSF Loan Experts help?
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  • SMSF residential property loans are popular, but strict ATO guidelines also apply
  • SMSF Loan Experts understands every aspect of LRBAs
  • The team’s biggest competitive advantage is that it can turn investment dreams into reality, with tangible cost benefits.

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be an optimum way to invest for long-horizon investors. The fund can help park money in listed stocks, property assets, term deposits, and more. Though super funds are popular across Australia, SMSFs have their own charm. Tax concessions aside, the direct control in the hands of trustee/s is a big attraction.

Now that SMSF property investment is on the rise in Australia, thanks to the growth in asset prices over the past couple of years, it becomes critical to understand its fundamentals. How SMSF Loan Experts, a go-to name in Australia for residential property loans and related services, can help will also be explored.

SMSF residential property loans

Availing a residential property loan to add the asset to SMSF investment portfolio is a little different than what trustees may have experienced in their personal capacity. First, the property that is the subject of the deal must not be acquired by the fund from a related party if it is a residential property. Second, the asset cannot be used to live in either by the fund trustee or any related party.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) also mandates that the residential property to be acquired must be used for retirement benefits alone, also dubbed the ‘sole purpose test’.

While availing a loan for investing in residential property, these critical points must be adhered to. These can profoundly shape your strategy.

SMSF Loan Experts is one of the preferred lending advisers in Australia for those looking to adopt a leveraged direct property as part of their investment mix. The team understands the importance of crucial factors like adequate liquidity in the fund to meet loan repayments, bringing down the cost of borrowing, etc., so as to make such investments a rewarding deal for the SMSF.

How SMSF Loan Experts helps

First and foremost, SMSF Loan Experts has a comprehensive understanding of the ATO’s borrowing rules for SMSFs. This enables the concerned SMSF take measured steps backed by due diligence.

Besides, there are multiple stages involved in availing credit for a residential property. SMSF Loan Experts, one of the leading licensed service providers, takes a prudent and proactive approach to reduce the gap between interest rates on traditional residential loans and SMSF loans. The team also keeps tabs on which lenders place minimal burdens on the borrowing SMSF, with respect to aspects like liquidity requirement ever after the loan is settled.

Primarily, it is the capability of the team to produce tangible cost advantages that makes SMSF Loan Experts one of the best residential property loan service providers.

Related services

The team is well versed in all things related to SMSF loans, with specialised divisions that oversee functions including commercial property loans, SMSF refinancing, and easy loans for funds with a bad credit history.


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