Is Covid Deadlier than Spanish Flu?

What governments across the globe have accounted for. Even going by the official numbers, this pandemic is the worst in a century. The last time the world was ravaged by such a deadly pandemic was almost a century ago – when Spanish Flu unleashed havoc.

*Great Influenza, Spanish Flu was a global pandemic. Officially, it has been said that it ripped through the world between 1918-20. But many contest that, due to lack of data: they believe that the pandemic might have started way earlier.

*Pandemic was marked as having begun on 4 March 1918, with the recording of the index case of Albert Gitchell, a cook in the army – stationed at Camp Funston in Kansas, United States. However, there having been cases before him.

*If we take that time’s estimates and current pandemic’s official statistics, the COVID-19 can be seen to be half as deadly as Spanish Flu. But that is highly doubtful. Despite scientific advancements in data collection. *Official numbers aside, if independent estimates are true, COVID-19 has been way deadlier than Spanish Flu. A trivia: unlike COVID-19, the Spanish flu pandemic resulted in a higher-than-expected mortality rate for young adults.