IAA Inc is an industrial firm that provides vehicle buying and selling services from various resources such as used-vehicle dealers, insurers, rental car dealerships, fleet lease corporations, etc. The company is committed to offering auction solutions for damaged and low-value vehicles.  

It connects buyers and sellers of vehicles and claims to consist of over 200 facilities around the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. 

The company’s headquarters is in Westchester, Illinois. IAA Inc is a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and the common shares of the company are traded under the ticker symbol ‘IAA’. 

IAA is committed to providing a good experience to the buyers by giving them tools and services that make buying smooth and convenient. It provides selling services, through which one can auction cars online. In catastrophic conditions, it offers vehicle-clearing relief and enables the community to get access to the affected regions. 

The company is committed to providing its services to the global buyer base around more than 170 countries that consists of fleet lease, insurers, dealerships, and rental car companies’ buyers. It aims to provide a wide range of services that will increase vehicle value, lessen administrative costs, and provide the highest economic returns. 

IAA provides a new automotive auction experience through its expertise and technology. It helps auto recyclers and dismantlers, and dealers. Its Auto Auction Brokers are experienced purchasers that are committed to helping individuals and organizations buy practically any vehicle from any of its auctions. Additionally, it helps in transporting and vehicles shipping in both internal and external markets.  

IAA provides effective tools and technologies for selling and managing vehicles. It connects dealers with its global purchaser base so that vehicles can reach the right customer 

IAA claims to offer more than 2.5 million vehicles every year in over 200 areas throughout North America and the UK and these include:  

•    Automobiles 

•    Boats 

•    Buses 

•    Caravans 

•    Classics 

•    Equipment 

•    Farm equipment 

•    Heavy equipment 

•    Heavy trucks 

•    Light commercial vehicles 

•    Medium Trucks 

•    Motor homes 

•    Motorcycles 

•    Personal watercraft 

•    Recreational/miscellaneous vehicles 

•    Snowmobile and more 

Contact Information


company phone(708) 492-7000

company websitehttps://www.iaai.com/

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