Huaneng Power International Inc (NYSE:HNP)


Huaneng Power International Inc is a Chinese company that is headquartered in Xicheng district.

It was founded on June 30, 1994.

The company is engaged into electricity services, including generation facilities. The China-based firm is further engaged into electricity distribution, power transformation and various other related services.

It caters to customers in China. It is among many Chinese firm listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The trading symbol for Huaneng Power International is ‘HNP’. It debuted on NYSE in October 1994.

The company and its subsidiaries constructs, manages, develops and operates various large power plants across China.

It is said to be one of the largest power producing firms in China.

As of 2020, the power producer claims to have a generation capacity (equity based) of around 98,948 megawatts and controlling generation capacity of around 113,357 megawatts.

Its power plants are present across 26 autonomous regions, province and municipalities in China. It also has an operating power firm domiciled in Singapore.

As a electricity firm, the company claims to strive in the areas of innovation, managerial, structural and technical fronts. It also claims to have completed landmark projects in China, involving capabilities in project construction, technical advancement and management.

The company had first imported 600 megawatts supercritical generating unit. It focuses on providing a reliable, ample and clean electric power. In addition, the energy generation firm aims to provide a stable, long term, and increasing returns on investment for its various stockholders.

HIPDC (Huaneng International Power Development Corporation) is the controlling shareholder of the company that was established in 1985 and is a Sino-foreign joint venture.

Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant Project is a coal fired project.

The electricity distributing company also focuses on the environmental aspect while conducting its operations, reportedly. In addition, it focuses on emission reduction and energy conservation.

Contact Information

company address Huaneng Building, 6 Fuxingmennei Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

company phone8610-66086765/6

company email[email protected]


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