Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (NYSE:CNQ)


Canadian Natural Resources Ltd is a publicly listed energy firm based in Calgary.

The company was founded in 1973. It develops, produces, and explores conventional resources like light-to-heavy crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, etc. In addition, the Canadian firm also engages in refining and midstream services.

It has its operation in the Canadian province of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and north-eastern British Columbia.

The company operates in the provinces where it has extensive pipeline systems and conducts exploration activities. The firm claims to be a leader in the oil and gas industry in Canada. Its stocks are traded on New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol ‘CNQ’.

The Canadian firm claims to have a flexible approach towards allocating capital that allows it to undertake promising business opportunities and improve operational efficiency.

In the long run the company reportedly aims to partner with efficient and effective producers to generate economic returns across the commodity price cycle.

The Canadian company operates through various subsidiaries, including Shell Albian Sands INC, Laricina Energy, North Western Refining INC, CNR International, Limited (UK), Painted Pony Energy ltd, Barrick Energy INC, Blue Range Resource Corporation, Mark West Midstream Services Inc, Echo Pipelines Limited, etc.

It claims to be a natural consolidator due to its low-cost operations in the basins and focuses on extensive development. Furthermore, the company believes that due to major acquisitions in its business history, it has been able to form a stronger footing in the core regions.

The energy firm provides light crude oil, heavy crude oil and natural gas. It says that the due to diversification among its oil sands mining and upgrading business, natural gas production and marketing helps in averting commodity price risk.

The Canadian oil and gas firm acquired home grown Painted Pony Energy Ltd in October 2020.

Contact Information

company address 855 Second Street Southwest Suite 2500 Calgary, AB T2P 4J8 Canada

company phone1-403-517-6700

company email[email protected]


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